The citizen of China were hospitalized from the train Kiev – Moscow in the Bryansk

Photo: TASS/Cyril Kochmar

the Citizen of China suspected coronavirus were hospitalized from the train Kiev – Moscow in Bryansk. The car in which she was riding, cordoned off, reports the Agency “Moscow”, citing a source in the emergency services.

the Incident occurred at the railway station “Kiev”. The tourists in 1978 revealed a temperature of 38 degrees. It was decided immediately to remove her from the train.

“This citizen off the train, the ambulance was delivered to the infectious diseases hospital of Bryansk”, – stated in the message.
it is Noted that the companions of the Chinese were sent to quarantine. Just the car was carrying 24 people, including two guides.

it is Also known that composition proceeded in Bryansk, which will be carried out quarantine measures. The car, which drove hospitalized Chinese citizen, was uncoupled from the train and cordoned off in quarantine.

an Outbreak of coronavirus was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year. The who has recognized her emergency of international scale, calling the virus an epidemic with many pockets.

According to the latest data, the number of cases of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus COVID-19, amounted to 74.5 thousand, 2.1 thousand recorded cases of deaths.

the Epidemic of the coronavirus could begin in Russia in six months

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