The TV series “Roseanne” always wanted to depict the life and problems easier to Americans and was also so successful because he managed the creators, in the opinion of the critics. It is no wonder that the main character Roseanne must die a quite typical series.

The actress Roseanne Barr had been cast out of the named after her series, after they had dropped off a racist Tweet. Only a few months earlier, the Show had managed a successful Comeback to the American channel ABC – after about 20 years break. On average, 18 million people watched.

In the re-edition of played Barr a Trump Fan mutant Roseanne, and fought as usual with the rest of the family members. But Barr, who also supports the private Trump, watched by the US President a bit too much and also abusive Tweets. The transmitter no longer wanted to work together with you, however, you wanted to bury the successful series are not equal to beer.

Roseannes death is typical of today’s America

Therefore, is now running under the title “the Connors” – the family name of Roseanne in the series – a follow-up Show to. Except for the main actress, all of the usual characters are back again. But of course, there was a Problem: How to get rid of the writers Roseanne?

now that the first episode of “The Connor’s” ran on US television, the series, the main character suffers. (Who doesn’t want to ruin the suspense, stop reading here.)

The story goes exactly to the point of “Roseanne” had stopped: Roseanne then hid a drug addiction in front of your family because you pain pills – opioids – against knee discomfort swallowed. In the first episode of “The Connor’s” is mourning with the family to Roseanne, who died of a drug Overdose. Here, too, the series, thus taking up a large American theme, where the dependence on opioids, in particular, among Americans with low incomes will be magnetized for years grass.


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