The Constitutional Court suspended on Wednesday the plan of the government to gain influence on the outside. After the appeal presented by the Spanish Government against this project, arguing that it discredits the international image of Spain, the Constitutional has ruled the suspension of the agreement of the Government that gave free rein to the so-called strategic plan of external action and of relations with the EU for the period 2019-2022.

The decision, adopted unanimously, was automatic because I had requested the central Government. Another thing is the bottom of the matter. The court now has five months to enter the content and decide whether to ratify or lift the suspension of the plan Catalan, according to the terms laid down by the Constitution.

The shutdown of this initiative of the Generalitat does not imply the immediate closure of the delegations of Catalan in the outside that the Government had already resorted to the high Court of Justice of Catalonia, and that still another river. The plan now is suspended agglutinates all the strategy to gain international weight and that calls for coordinating all the work (political, economic, and cultural) that exceed the Spanish scope. The text itself makes references to the delegations and foreign advocates “a new impetus to the deployment of the network of delegations of the Government of Catalonia”, but no mentions direct.

The project Catalan seeks to strengthen the presence and influence abroad, one of the main axes of the procés. The text presents Catalonia as a subject of international —with numerous references to the term “country”—, obvious to the powers of state in matter of international relations and in the direction of the foreign policy. It did not take into account the institutional loyalty and coordination that must regulate the relations between the State and the autonomous communities. The government, in contrast, interprets that everything included in this initiative are powers that are its own.

With the providence of the Constitutional agreement, the expansion of outer is suspended from the 28th of October, the date on which the Executive of Pedro Sanchez filed the appeal. He did so under the authority of the central Government to appeal against the provisions of the communities that it deems outside of its competencies. Before that, the Government ran out of the pathway to ask the government to abandon the plan because it invaded the powers of the State, but the Catalan government went ahead with the project.

The struggle between the central Executive and the Catalan by the work independence on the outside, the pound, in good measure, in the courts. The Foreign Ministry appealed to the past month of July the reopening –after the end of the application of the 155 – of the delegations in Berlin, London and Geneva. The Executive considered that such facilities violated the exclusive competences of the State in external matters and promoting the project secessionist. The justice, however, denied the stoppage a precautionary of those calls embassies for the form. At the beginning of October, the same department filed an appeal to come to a halt the opening of new delegations of the Government in Mexico, Buenos Aires and Tunisia.


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