Luis Sword (Seville, 1932) figure already in the history of bullfighting as one of the presidents most emblematic plaza de Las Ventas. He was in the box from 1986 to 1997, was characterized by the defense of the integrity of the bull and the requirement to the matadors, who had the support and admiration of fans, the respect of the professionals and to the protection of the politicians, so it is considered to be one of the people that have contributed most to the prestige of the bullring in madrid.

years Ago, and that does not step on the square that made him famous, but he remembers as if it were yesterday, the fundamental ideas underlying its mandate and became his ‘stage presidential’ in a social movement as extraordinary as it is beneficial for the tauromaquia moderna.

“I’ve defended the integrity of the toro above all,” says the former president with indisimulado pride. “The animal is the fundamental basis of this show, and if it lacks the dignity required it suffers from the feast to the full,” he adds.

– You were a president with a reputation of demanding…

“what Pressures? Me not have warranted the imposition of no-one”

– “this Is true. I got to the stage convinced that this show so great, loses its identity if the protagonist is an invalid. No bull there is no party”.

– But it was also hard with the toreros.

– “Rigorous, rather, in the awarding of trophies because he understood that a victory in Madrid must be very argued with the bull-bull and a site full. But I recognize that, sometimes, I’m over-demanding, and that is also not good. I remember, for example, that he refused an ear-deserved to The Cast, and so I recognized it in a radio interview. After, I found the bullfighter in the street, gave me a hug and forgave me”.

Luis Sword, -a man of character and strong principles of professional, ethical, and religious-has already attained the age of 87, enjoys his retirement as the brilliant commissioner of police, and is retired from the bulls. “Is removed from all”, apuntilla his wife, Julia, with whom he just celebrated 59 years of marriage last Tuesday. “Luis is learning to live as a more -continuous, which is not easy when you have had a life so full”.

Luis Sword, in his time as president of Sales. Saints Cyril

Because the Sword was a president’s surprising and innovative -launched training courses for presidents and delegates governmental that today are still a respected ‘faculty’ for those aspiring to be arbitrators in the festivities of bullfighting-, writer, lecturer and prestigious character claimed by clubs, associations, and universities to talk of bulls; and a multi-faceted man who: artist with eleven solo exhibitions; flamencólogo and singer (“well, I’ve only canturreado between friends,” says he), expert in the dance by sevillanas (“it is an andalusian exercises,” says his wife), poet (“dedicated almost exclusively to extolling the love which is from me,” says Julia with a mischievous coquetry, “and I of him,” he adds), and player seasoned domino’s and the mus, the only hobbies that are still practiced on the weekends with a couple of friends.

Luis Espada was born in the sevillian district of The Mall by accident, because his parents, natives of the town of toledo Villacañas, lived in the city of seville by the fate of his parent, brigade of the Armed Police.

The family moved soon to Jerez de la Frontera, where the Sword saw his first bullfight at the age of eight years. And there, by the influence of his father, was born his vocation the police, the fans of bullfighting and flamenco singing.

“The Regulation is not a rigid rule and must be indicative in some occasions”

“Yes, my father was a very good amateur and he was the one who started me on the love to the feast of bulls; in addition, he sang very well for malaga, and from his hand I heard good singers”.

– what it cost Him to leave the stage?

– “No. I said good-bye in 1997, the year of my retirement, and I don’t remember suffering any vexation. The stage is problematic, it is true, although I have to admit that I understood very well with my team of vets, and I met with two companies very good, Manuel Chopera and the brothers Lozano”.

– what Is goes wrong up there?

– “Man, sometimes the lines demands that create problems, but I was always right; my sense of morality was my base”.

– But would receive pressure…

– “what Pressures? Those of my advisors, perhaps. Sometimes, they were right and I attended. But nothing more; me not have paid the taxes of anyone.”

– do you not even of their police officers and politicians?

– “They knew me, and never interfered my work.”

Luis Sword lived in Murcia when he earned the title of inspector of the National Police force, there is a degree in Law and married with Julia. Moved to Toledo, became with 43 years in the Commissary youngest of Spain.

The village menorca Citadel was his first posting as a police chief, and there he presided over his first celebration; later, he climbed the stage at the Corpus of Toledo, destined to Madrid, he became chief of bullfighting and, in 1986, he was appointed president of the plaza de Las Ventas.


Situation is cataclysmic, doctors who seem to be magicians, and bullfighters heroic Sales must be a Big Door to The Cid (and the bullfighter owed six), Fernando Savater, bullfighting: “The animalism current is a chaladura”

“I Had seen bulls in Jerez, Murcia, Toledo, Seville, and some other square, but not many festivities; had, yes, a clear idea of what the party was. He was fond of, but I can’t say that a great amateur”.

– But it took a little bit to establish his line of work in the square…

– “I Thought you had to defend in the first place, the rights of the fans. But also those of the bullfighters, ranchers, and those of the entrepreneur, because they are all part of the celebration and have their legitimate interests”.

– And what was you a president happy?

– “Yes; I was pleased to be there. I felt embraced by the fans, and I learned a lot; for example, that the Regulation is not a rigid rule and must be indicative in some occasions. Before a bull meek and dangerous acula in tables and puts at serious risk the lives of the bullfighters in the third of banderillas, you must give precedence to the safety of the men in front of the mandate to beat a specific number of sticks.”

Says Luis Sword that his bullfighter preferred has been Paco Way, “a very complete and powerful”, and recalls with admiration Ordonez, Paula, Julio Robles, “and a south american whose name I do not remember now”. And of the bullfighters of today, the former president pointed to two names: Curro Díaz, and Diego Urdiales

– And what about the ranchers?

– “what is the name of the Galapagar? Victorino, that’s it. Victorino Martín has been and is a farmer important; and I maintained a good personal relationship with Juan Pedro Domecq, a connoisseur deep in the bull, and with a great vocation as a breeder”.

– do you recall any afternoon hard in Sales?

– “No. If it had toro, I wasn’t worried about anything. The people were very nice to me.”

how would You have liked to be a bullfighter?

– “I would Not have minded, but I don’t have enough courage”.

“I Think that he wanted to be a matador and what it was”, explains his wife.

What is clear, is that Luis Espada was and will remain a figure of bullfighting.

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