The coronavirus separated grandparents and grandchildren: celebrations in the yards better stop

And here is the great deceit. It is actually exactly the opposite – the peaceful co scuffling children is a huge danger. In the first place – for the older generation of families. Besides, as it turns out, the kids themselves are not so immune to the new virus – today confirmed 13 cases of minors in Moscow alone. Yeah, kids rarely get sick and not too hard, but they hurt. And, most importantly, are vectors of infection, although it is often difficult to comprehend, a child may be cheerful and happy, but to carry the deadly virus. Deadly for grandparents, who, as they have in Russia, carried out with grandkids a lot of time, and this is an additional risk factor for our old people – unlike European or Chinese.

of Course, the temptation is to quarantine your grandmother and grandson from time immemorial in difficult times was trying to hide away from the troubles of old and young, all together. But the current situation is special. And evil will the grandparents have, on the contrary, stay away from grandchildren. And most importantly – by the children should henceforth avoid the society of other children. Because no one knows whether the virus in the blood of the charming blue-eyed angel, who is currently head over heels with rolling hills in the arms of your baby. And no one knows whether the virus your. The probability of catching the infection children is much higher than adults because the child can’t touch everything, do not stick your fingers in your mouth, to undertake the door handle solely with a cloth and remember a four-foot distance when playing with friends… So childish games with their noise, DIN and a bunch of small does not have to evoke emotion.

…In Moscow, close playgrounds, wrapped in their red-and-white restraining belts. This produces a depressing effect, but this is one of the most important measures in the fight against the cursed virus.

Yes, the child is very hard to sit at home, yeah, he climbs on the wall in the absence friends, Yes, adults go nuts from finding new ways to occupy him and to entertain. But this evil is inevitable and the lesser of the two possible. Because if you don’t isolate children, hospital bed with an unknown outcome may threaten not only the elderly, which, hopefully, reasonable, parents are still protected from the danger, but the parents themselves. Alas, the behavior of the virus change, and, according to recent statistics, almost half of which is now in Russian hospitals on ventilators – people up to 50 years.

So, alas, children have become a bit more Mature – parents and grandparents need them than playing with friends. And then, when everything will return to normal, they will have time to catch up.

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