Regions against the coronavirus: Karelia remained without tourists, Chechnya without weddings

the Trolleybuses and buses in the Republic stood at a joke on Saturday. Since March 30, in Karelia, as well as throughout the country, announced output week. Therefore, people told to stay home. As in Moscow, here closed to shopping centers, cafes, beauty salons, fitness centers and even baths. However, local residents say that people do not intend to sit in the four walls. Many rushed to relatives in the village where private houses are gathered crowded company. Kebabs, songs, smoke yoke…But tourists from the two capitals — Moscow and St. Petersburg — making some local residents irritated. According to them, if ordered to stay at home, there is nothing to travel around the country, others to infect. Effort even local activists decided to collect signatures for a petition, which require the authorities to let tourists into the country. The Minister of economic development of Karelia Oleg Ermolaev on this issue wrote that it is necessary to remain people. And if people in other regions want to retire on the bases of Karelia, it is necessary to help them. He noted that “tourist companies, hotels and others recommended to cancel and short breaks to take tourists for a period of 1 month or more, with the first 14 days you should be on self-isolation”. In fact, in Karelia now, except to enjoy nature and do nothing. Museums are closed, including Kizhi. Isolated themselves and Balaam, who is not taking pilgrims. In Karelia at the moment 27 people are in hospital, 9 — locations of observation 4742 on samararatne.

Pretty tough measures in Chechnya. There’s still Saturday imposed temporary restrictions on movement within the Republic and closed the entrance to Grozny. And Monday and all residents will be forbidden to leave their homes. The only exceptions are trips for groceries and to the pharmacy. Violators will be fined and forced to deliver home. And behind the fences of their own home told not to hold mass gatherings: weddings and receptions to cancel and reschedule. Thus, in the Republic while only five ill.

In the Crimea, where the number of infected exceeded two dozen, the entry for tourists yet do not intend to limit. However, as across the country, reservation and accommodation in boarding houses and sanatoriums suspended. Those who are already on vacation, should “isolate themselves”. Museums, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes — under the temporary ban. In addition, from Monday, the Republic’s leadership decided to ban circulated in the Crimea, the practice of issuing liquor “on tap”. All the “low bar” where you can enjoy wine or beer, closed. And pawn shops, credit organizations and…a car wash. To work in the next week will only grocery stores and pharmacies. The spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea announced the temporary suspension until April 12 collective prayers in mosques of the Peninsula and some other religious ceremonies. During the month of Ramadan – from April 24 to may 23 will regularly conduct online-sermons.