The CPS called signs of water shortage in the body

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”

Into rospotrebnazdore called signs of water shortage in the body. One of them is loss of appetite, said on the Agency’s website.

“Water is vital to the body as a universal solvent and a lubricant, it ensures the transportation of nutrients and metabolic products. It also plays a role in the regulation of body temperature”, – reported in Department.

Experts said that water shortage in the body can be due to the infrequent consumption or excessive discharge. The Agency specified that in the latter case there is the loss of electrolytes along with water.

the Ministry said that when there is insufficient intake of water a person may develop headache, can appear fatigue, loss of appetite, redness of skin, dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes, burning sensation in the stomach.

Experts remind that the day an adult should consume 2 to 4% water by weight, and the child – from 10 to 15%.

Earlier, the nutritionist Elena Solomatina told about the dangers of mineral water. According to her, healing mineral water to drink, without prior medical examination should not be – just to try.

When problems with the gastrointestinal tract can rupture and a canteen of water, but not salts, and gas. It irritates mucous, so if you have problems with the esophagus or stomach such water should not drink, drew the attention of a specialist

the Doctor also explained that the concept of “drinking water” does not mean you have to use her glasses. Enough every half hour to do a couple of SIPS. When small portions taken over short periods of time, water will be able to fulfil their role.

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