Seven Russian passenger liner Westerdam went home

Photo: AP Photo/Heng Sinith

Seven Russian tourists aboard the cruise ship Westerdam, left the ship to return home. It is reported TASS citing the Russian Embassy in Cambodia.

it is Noted that the first ship left the three tourists from St. Petersburg. On Saturday evening they will fly to Bangkok, where later will go home.

a Family from Moscow, consisting of four people will spend the day in Phnom Penh and will go home February 16 through Bangkok. The Embassy noted that all expenses for the return of Russians to their homeland, the operator of the vessel was undertaken.

Liner Westerdam out of Hong Kong on 1 February. On 12 February he was able to stay in Cambodia after the failure of the five countries to take the ship. The ship was 2257 people, among whom there were 1455 passengers and 802 crew members.

the Ship was refused in connection with the fear of the spread of coronavirus. The crew claimed that the ship there is not one person who had symptoms of pneumonia new type.

the First information about the outbreak began to spread from the Chinese Wuhan in December last year.

According to the latest data, the number of infected by coronavirus in China’s Hubei province has exceeded 54.4 thousand people. Just over 66.4 infected thousands in China died 1523 people. Recovered more than eight thousand.

in Order to prevent the spread of the virus in Russia, the government decided to close certain sections of the border with China in the far East, to restrict the crossing of the border with Mongolia, to cancel work visas for Chinese citizens to be evacuated from Hubei province are there Russians.

was suspended all regular flights of Russian airlines in China, except for flights of “Aeroflot” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The Railways, in turn, suspended railway communication with China.

Experts have made infection by coronavirus, two thirds of the population

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