The CPS recommended to isolate sick with the flu relative

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Experts Rosportebnadzora recommended to isolate in another room of a relative who was ill with the flu. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the epidemiology and prevention of the spread of coronavirus, influenza and SARS.

“Call the doctor. Highlight the patient a separate room in the house. If this is not possible, keep a distance of at least a meter from the patient. Limit to a minimum the contact between the patient and loved ones, especially children, elderly people and persons suffering from chronic diseases”, – stated in the document.

it is Noted that a carer needs only one man, while covering his mouth and nose with a mask or other protective means. In addition, for the prevention of coronavirus, influenza or SARS, it is recommended to air rooms more often, disinfect surfaces, wash hands regularly with soap and water and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Previously, the CPS are reminded of the need to use medical masks to protect from flu and SARS. The Ministry said that the flu viruses are transmitted from person to person mainly by airborne droplets.

Experts note that the use of the mask prevents the entry of viruses in the healthy human body. In particular, the press service pointed out the need to wear a mask when caring for a sick flu person.

Also, you need to wear a mask in crowded places during seasonal increase of influenza. Experts said that the mask is disposable, you can use them only one time, changing every three hours or more.

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