A small fraction of the choice of secrecy: but I have chosen once again the SPD on this Sunday. What has driven me? Don’t ask me better. The decision was a spontaneous one in the cabin. From time to time I also give the sellers of street Newspapers, a Euro; it does not help him much, but it is a good feeling. In addition, the SPD on the ballot paper where it has been for a long time: at the very top.

When I came out of the polling place, and about my decision then, I remembered an Old cartoon from the Titanic. We saw a former FDP leader torn down sitting on the street, in front of a sign: “no fault Of their own get into the Shit. Suppose every voice.”

the end of the confession. And so to the harsh political arrangement business.

Europe choice: something basic einstürz end

Yes, you should be careful with forecasts, especially when they concern the future and also the policy – buuuut: What’s the German in General, and Bremen in Particular have chosen this Sunday: The rocks are somewhat Basic; it is the party will change the structure as we knew it, to an extent, as we could recently not yet imagine.

European elections in 2019 As the Union and the SPD to respond to the catastrophic result of DPA

If one can trust the the first projections by the European elections with a single winner: the Green. Honey, I shrunk the people’s parties. The have doubled their vote share is practical and will move to the European Parliament in may with just as much members of the CDU. The greens and the CDU eye-to-eye – no, this is not a mad dream. It is about as unreal as the 7:1 at the world Cup against Brazil, but the German reality in the first year after the drought summer. The climate protection has replaced the fear of refugees, as the number one issue. The result of this election is the first visible consequence for the parties.

As a historical guard detachment. The Greens are well on the way, the SPD as the second force in the German party system to displace and to the Union ranzurobben – with all the consequences, among other things that the Green is no longer with the thoughts must deal, whether you are at the next election to the Bundestag a Chancellor candidate should be, but: who. Sometimes it takes only a short time, until the absurd idea that a logical will.

The voters, as such, is – if it in the cabin, not a strange sensation-a mixture of nostalgia and Caritas comes over – it’s pretty relentless. Thumbs up, thumbs down. What is then used in the graphics, a merciless optical implementation. Bar up, bar down. Like a blow with a sledgehammer to the privates. To the voters in a nationwide election almost halved, and to cope with a veritable turnout – something like a bitter low, the usual party such as the SPD were not, in the meantime, without Further notice.

you may make in your former country of origin, of Bremen allegedly the mayor – unless the greens and the Left join, relieves the pain of the Enjoyed, at best, a little. And because of respectable social Democrats should not take anything, and certainly not a reason, it is easy to imagine what will be in the next couple of days their favorite pastime: haggling. Let’s just say: Andrea Nahles you, Olaf Scholz, also would not just do not like. Higher, betting on their political future should only complete cowboys. If nothing else, replacing the social Democrats, their top. In the meantime, however, you have more experience in it as a replacement for people. But if necessary, you can use a previously Sawn-off as Martin Schulz. In the SPD, the hopeless case of yesterday, the hope of tomorrow. Like you said, the gap between The absurd and the logical, is sometimes small.

AKK can be glad that the SPD is still dirty under the New Boss AKK can salvation be glad in the SPD so dirty. So the Union is striking a little less, how pathetic – we should remember that the party of the great European Helmut Kohl has cut off. Around 28 per cent, which is a Declaration of bankruptcy. And a reminder: With such results, the decline of the SPD has started, the has proven to be someday as apparently unstoppable. Together, the two so-called people’s parties bring together a little more than 40 percent. This is not a Grand coalition more, this is a community with a common destiny of Distress and misery, the will experience in the coming days, your next struggle for Survival. Also you can build in the SPD.

Oh, and if someone after the Positive beyond the Green addiction: three letters, three digits and a comma to summarize – AfD of 10.5. That is, in terms of hope, the AfD has made, but surprisingly little. You would be a cynic, you might say: It is not all bad on climate change.

Interactive election graphic European elections in 2019: forecasts, projections and results

In our interactive graphics to the European elections, you can find high bills, the coalition calculator, evaluations on the constituency level and other statistics.


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