The death of the divisional commander Chapaev: what were the questions

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We remember Chapaev by books and films, telling about it jokes. But real life red division commander was no less interesting. He loved cars, arguing with the teachers of the military Academy. And Chapaev’s not the real name.

difficult child

Vasily Ivanovich was born in a poor peasant family. The only wealth his parents – nine ever-hungry children, including the future hero of the Civil war was the sixth.

according to legend, he was born premature and was warmed up in a fur dad’s MITT on the stove. My parents sent him to a Seminary hoping that he would become a priest. But when one delinquent of the Bob in the dead of winter was put in a wooden hole in his shirt, he ran away.Tried merchants, but could not – too sickened him, the main shopping commandment: “do Not be fooled – not sell, not kit – not cashing in”. “My childhood was gloomy and heavy. Many had to grovel and starve. From an early age knocks on strangers” – later recalled the Colonel.


it is believed that the family of Vasily Ivanovich bore the name brothers Gavrilov. “Chapaev” or “CEPI” was the nickname that was given to the grandfather of the Colonel, Stepan Gavrilovich. Either in 1882 or in 1883 they were loaded with friends of the log, and Stepan, as a senior, was constantly in command – “CEPI, CEPI!”, which meant: “take, take”. And stuck to it – CEPI, and the nickname then became the name.

Say, the initial “CEPI” was “Chapaev” at the hands of Dmitry Furmanov, the author of the famous novel who has decided that “it sounds better”. But in the surviving documents of the civil war Vasily appears under the two options.

Perhaps the name “Chapaev” was the result of typographical errors.

student of the Academy

Education Chapaeva, contrary to popular belief, not confined to the two years the parish school. In 1918he was enrolled in the military Academy of the red army, where “herded” a lot of fighters to improve their General literacy and education strategy. According to the recollections of his classmate, a peaceful student life bored Chapaeva: “Hell, no! Leave! To come up with such rubbish — combat people at the Desk!”. Two months later he filed a report asking to be released from this “prison” on the front.

there are still some stories about the stay of Vasily Ivanovich at the Academy. The first States that geography exam in response to the question the old General on the importance of the Neman river, Chapaev asked the Professor whether he knows about the importance of the river Solyanka, where he fought with the Cossacks. According to the second, in the discussion of the battle of cannae, he called the Romans “blind kittens”, said the teacher, who was a prominent military theorist Sechenov: “We have already shown you, the generals how to fight!”.


we All Chapaeva courageous fighter with a fluffy mustache, naked sword and galloping on a spirited horse. This way he created the national actor Boris Babochkin. In the life of Vasily Ivanovich horses preferred cars.

Still on the fronts of the First world war, he received a severe wound in the thigh, so horse riding became a problem. So, Chapaev was one of the first red commanders who switched on the machine.

Iron horses he had chosen very meticulously. The first American “Stever”, he was rejected due to strong shaking, red the Packard that came to replace him, also had to give up – he did not come for military action in the desert. But Ford, which was 70 miles on the road, a red army commander liked. Drivers Chapaev picked up is also the best. One of them, Nikolai Ivanov, almost by force were taken to Moscow and delivered a personal chauffeur Lenin’s sisters – Anna Ulyanova-Yelizarova.


the Famous commander Chapaev was the eternal loser on the personal front. His first wife is a housewife Pelageya Metelina that you do not approve of parents Chapaeva, calling “city CIT”, rodsilt him three children, but to wait for her husband from the front did not – had gone to the neighbor. Vasily Ivanovich was very upset by her act – he loved his wife. Often said Chapaev his daughter Claudia: “Oh, and you are beautiful. Look like your mother”.

a Second companion Chapaeva, however, is civil, also called Pelagia. She was the widow of comrade Vasily – Peter Camiceria, to whom the Colonel has promised to take care of his family. First he sent her benefits, then decided to move in together. But history repeated itself during the absence of her husband, Pelagia had an affair with a certain George by Ivoloina. Once the Cops caught them together and almost sent the hapless lover to the light.

When the dust settled, Camiceria decided to go to the world, took the children and went to her husband to headquarters. Children to the father let him go, but it is not. They say that after that, she retaliated Chapaev, issuing white location Krasnoarmeyskaya troops and the data on their number.

a Fatal water

the Death of Vasily Ivanovich is shrouded in mystery. September 4, 1919 the town Lbischensk, where the headquarters of the division of Chapaev with a small number of soldiers came troops Borodin. During the defense Chapaev was badly wounded in the stomach, his soldiers put the commander on a raft and ferried across the Urals, but he died from loss of blood. The body buried in the sand, and traces hidden below the Cossacks not found. To look for the grave later became useless since the river changed its course. This story confirmed participant in the events. According to another version, being wounded in the arm, Chapaev drowned, unable to cope with the current.

“And maybe came out?”

Neither the body nor the grave Chapaeva could not find. This gave rise to a logical version of a surviving hero. Someone said that because of the serious injury he lost his memory and lived somewhere under a different name.

Some have argued that it was safely transported to the other side, where he went to Frunze, to answer for the surrendered city. In Samara he was put under arrest, and after they decided to officially “kill the hero”, completing his military career to a beautiful closeom.

This story was told kind of Ananova of the Tomsk region which, allegedly, many years later he met his old commander. The story is questionable, as in the difficult conditions of the civil war was not “to throw” experienced generals who have highly esteemed by the soldiers.

this is most Likely a myth, generated by the hope that the hero was saved.

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