Top 5 Russian traitors in the Great Patriotic

History 26/03/20 5 major Russian traitors in the Great Patriotic

In fact, of course, there were more. Animal fear for their lives in conditions of war pushed to the betrayal of hundreds of thousands of people of different ranks. Tens of thousands of people in the great Patriotic war fought against their own countrymen. Thousands were killed while his fellows. Hundreds were doing it intelligently and with animal interest. Tens commanded the organized treason, and this they did bother.

Vlasov: caressed and hung

the Most famous General of the collaborators. Perhaps the most Soviet-style award-winning: Andrei earned the respect of Union in the great Patriotic war more to life opals – December 1941, “Izvestiya” published a lengthy essay on the role of commanders, who played a significant role in the defense of Moscow, where he was the Vlasov; Zhukov himself appreciated the significance of the participation of Lieutenant – General in this campaign. He gave, unable to cope with the “never stop learning” part which, in fact, was not. Commanding the 2nd shock army in 1942, Vlasov long, but unsuccessfully tried to withdraw its connection from the environment. He was captured, being sold by the headman of the village, where he tried to escape, cheaply – for a cow, 10 packs of tobacco and 2 bottles of vodka. “Within a year”, as captured Vlasov their Home sold even cheaper. The senior Soviet commander was bound to pay for their loyalty by action. Despite the fact that Vlasov immediately after the capture, has expressed its willingness to contribute to the German troops, the Germans long to decide where and how to define it. Vlasov considered a leader of the Russian liberation army (ROA). It was created by the Nazis, Association of Russian prisoners of war in the end did not had a significant impact on the outcome of the war. General-the traitor caught our 45th, when Vlasov wanted SDbe the Americans. He then admitted “in cowardice”, repented, aware. In the 46th Vlasov was hanged in the courtyard of the Moscow Butyrki, like many other senior collaborators.

skins: the name that determines the fate of

In exile, the chieftain met with the legendary Vertinsky, and complained, that lost – I felt, perhaps, impending doom before put on Nazism together with Krasnov. The Germans made this popular in the White movement, an emigrant by the SS, trying to unite under his command the Russian Cossacks, appeared outside the USSR. But anything efficient did not work. At the end of the war, the skins gave to the Soviet Union, he ended his life in the loop – in 1947, the chieftain was hanged in Moscow.

red: not Lubo, brothers

the Cossack ataman Pyotr Krasnov, after the attack of the Nazis on the Soviet Union also immediately announced his active desire to promote the Nazis. From 1943 the red headed the Main Directorate of Cossack troops of the Imperial Ministry of the occupied Eastern territories of Germany – bosses, in fact, the same amorphous structure as the skins. The role of Krasnov in the Second World war and the end of life’s journey the same fate skins – after the issuance by the British, he was hanged in the courtyard of the Butyrka prison.

Kaminski: fascist samoupravlenie

Bronislav Vladislavovich Kaminski known so-called leadership Lokotskogo Republic in the eponymous village of the Orel region. Formed from the local population division of the SS RONA,who plundered villages in the occupied territory and fought with the partisans. Personally, Himmler rewarded Kaminski Iron cross. Member of the suppression of the Warsaw uprising. Shot him in the end its the same – according to the official version, that showed excessive zeal in looting.


the Nurse, who in the 41st year out of Vyazemsky boiler. Once captured, Antonina Makarova was in the aforementioned Lokotskogo Republic. Cohabitation with the policemen combined with mass executions of gun residents convicted in connection with the guerrillas. According to rough estimates, killed thus over a thousand people. After the war he disappeared, changed his name, but in 1976 was identified the surviving witnesses of the executions. Sentenced to death and destroyed in 1979.

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