The deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944: why did Stalin

History 22/03/20 the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944: why did Stalin

the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in the last year of the great Patriotic war was a mass eviction of local residents of the Crimea in a number of areas of the Uzbek SSR, the Kazakh SSR, the Mari Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic and other republics of the Soviet Union. It happened immediately after the liberation of the Peninsula from the Nazi invaders. The official reason for the action called the criminal assistance of many thousands of Tatars invaders.

the Collaborators of Crimea

the Eviction was carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the USSR in may 1944. The order of deportation of the Tatars, allegedly were part of the collaborationist group during the occupation of the Crimean ASSR, Stalin signed shortly before, on may 11. Beria explained the reasons:

the desertion of 20 thousand Tatars from the army in the period 1941-1944;
– the unreliability of the Crimean population, especially pronounced in border areas;
– the security threat of the Soviet Union because of the actions of the collaborationist and anti-Soviet sentiments of the Tatars of the Crimea;
– hijack 50 thousands of civilians to Germany, with the assistance of the Crimean Tatar committees.

In may 1944 the Soviet government did not yet have all the figures concerning the real situation in the Crimea. After the defeat of Hitler and the counting of the losses became known that Germany actually stole 85,5 thousand newly made “slaves” of the Third Reich only from among the civilian population of the Crimea.

Nearly 72 thousand were executed with the direct participation of the so-called “Noise”. Schuma – the auxiliary police, but in fact punitive, the Crimean Tatar battalions, subordinated to fascists. Of these 72 thousand to 15 thousands of Communists were brutally tortured in the largest concentration camp of the Crimea, the former kolkhoz “Red”.

fixed charges

Part of the collaborators after the retreat of the Germans took away to Germany. Subsequently one of them was organizedvan special SS regiment. The other part (5 381) was arrested by security officers after the liberation of the Peninsula. During the arrest seized a lot of weapons. The government feared an armed rebellion of the Tatars because of their proximity to Turkey (the last Hitler hoped to involve in the war with the Communists).

According to the research of the Russian scientist, Professor of the history of Oleg Romanko, during the war 35 thousand Tatars of the Crimea one way or another helped the Nazis: he served in the German police, participated in the executions, were given to Communists and so forth. it is even distant relatives of traitors relied exile and confiscation of property.

the Main argument in favor of rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatar population and their return to their historical homeland was the fact that the deportation was actually carried out on the real acts of individuals, but on a national basis.

In the link sent, even those who never helped the Nazis. While 15% of men-Tatars fought alongside other Soviet citizens in the red army. As a partisan 16% were Tatars. Their families were also deported. In this mass just reflected the concerns of Stalin, the Crimean Tatars can yield Pro-Turkish sentiments, mutiny and be on the side of the enemy.

the Government wanted to quickly remove the threat from the South. The eviction was carried out urgently, in boxcars. In the way many died due to overcrowding, lack of food and drinking water. Just from the Crimea during the war were sent to about 190 thousand Tatars. 191 Tatar died during transport. Another 16 thousand were killed in new places of residence from mass starvation in 1946-1947.

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