The doctor told me how to be a day dream

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the President of the Russian society of sleep Roman Borzunov told me what the duration should be day dream. According to him, the main thing that he “did not precompositional” night’s sleep.

“Because, say, people not sleep at night and then a day sleep three to four hours. In the end, the next night the dream will be broken, and again, followed by a sleepless night,” – said Dr. the website “Arguments and facts”.

Borzunov stressed that in other cases, sleep during the day should be no more than an hour. If a person usually goes to bed at 22-23 hours a day you can take a NAP not later than 16 hours.

Working in night shifts you can sleep three or four hours immediately after returning home. In this case, the person will not experience sleepiness during the day and can sleep at night.

Earlier the neurologist of the sleep Elena tsaryova told the Moscow 24 how to Wake up, to feel good all day. According to her, it was easier to get up in the morning, it is better to create an atmosphere of artificial dawn.

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