The doctor told me if it is possible to compensate for the lack of sleep this weekend

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the President of the Russian society of sleep, the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Roman buzunov told whether it is possible to compensate for the lack of sleep this weekend and what to do to avoid sleep deficit.

According to the specialist, to prevent a sleep deficit, you need to follow the schedule and not break it on the weekend.

“it Turns out that man walked on Friday and woke up at 12 noon on Saturday. Because of this, he doesn’t want to go to sleep in the night from Saturday to Sunday and gets up again at 12 o’clock,” explained buzunov, the website “Arguments and facts”.

the Situation will be repeated on Sunday evening, told buzunov, and the person will be difficult to Wake up on Monday to work. This situation has its own term “Sunday insomnia”, said the specialist. Thus, according to Buzunova, over the weekend timetable has moved for six hours, which is comparable to dzhetlaga for flights from Khabarovsk to Moscow.

Professor advised me not to sleep in the weekend for a long time when shortage of sleep and Wake up two hours later than weekdays. In this case, the body will rest and he does not have to be reconstructed.

Earlier the neurologist of the sleep Elena tsaryova told the Moscow 24 how to Wake up, to feel good all day. According to her, it was easier to get up in the morning, it is better to create an atmosphere of artificial dawn.

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