The doctors explained what the benefits and harms of quarantine

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

Medical experts said that while in quarantine are the benefits and harms. According to a member of the Union of doctors of the city of Moscow “Action” and the district doctor-therapist Albina Strelchenko, in the first place reduces the risk of getting the flu, reports

“Sick with the flu or SARS without contact with an infected person is not possible. Usually the body gets a drop of saliva of the patient” – draws the attention of a doctor. According to her, the total number of patients with colds will start to decline after the isolation and minimization of contacts between people.

in addition, one of the positive aspects of self-isolation, according to Strelchenko, will be diet. While at home, people carefully monitor their diet. “In terms of office, many of my patients often on the run, intercept a sandwich. Improper diet causes digestive disorders,” – emphasizes the expert.

Surgeon, orthopedic surgeon Vladimir khoroshev added that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious consequences. However, when working remotely, employees can not only sit at the computer, and periodically change position. “The most harmonious situation for the health of the back – lying. The back muscles and the spine to relax. Remote work allows you to work in this position,” – said the surgeon.

In turn, an endocrinologist and nutritionist Alex Kalinchev describes the negative side of the “udalenka”. He assured, could be extra weight. You need to exercise at home, the doctor emphasizes.

in addition, cardiologist, honored doctor of Russia Yuri Kremnev also brings about negative aspects of self-isolation. In particular, a propensity for blood clots while sedentary lifestyle. As a result, people may face such consequences as varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

Family and child psychologist of the highest category Olga Demyanenko noticed that the remote family members more often are houses. In the end, does not exclude domestic conflicts. “You need to be able to talk and discuss the negative emotions that arise,” – she advises.

Earlier it became known that the bill on criminal responsibility for violations of quarantine adopted in the first reading.

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