there is Not the slightest indication that the PP was behind the campaign against the PSOE and More Country promoting the abstention from their voters. So what has ruled this Wednesday, the Central Electoral Board, who has dismissed the resources of these two parties feel harmed by this campaign on Facebook and on posters in the streets. “10-N. Don’t tell me #yonovoto”. This was the tenor of such a campaign whose authors, whose identity was known, they had to see at some time professionally with the PP, but that initiative has not been supported by the PP. Not only is that the PP denied his involvement, but that the organ that monitors and cares for the compliance of the electoral law during the campaign so estimated.

“With the documentation submitted by the complainants has not been accredited minimally that the PP may be the author of the facts reported”. “To this we must add that the authors identified to have rejected explicitly that this political formation has to do with those facts,” according to the resolution of the Board for that not to be the slightest doubt.


Twitter, and Facebook deleted 359 fake accounts attributed to the PP for the latest general worked 130 fake accounts CKD, which suppressed Twitter Twitter and Facebook say that China used their services to discredit the protesters in Hong Kong

The Campaign to discourage the vote of some political forces, does not violate article 50 of the Electoral Law, which sets all of the prohibitions and restrictions in election time. “There is No appreciate electoral infraction since the actions complained of are protected by the fundamental right to freedom of expression, to not be able to consider that are directly aimed at capturing votes in favour to one candidate but to express positions critical or discrepant with the positions advocated by certain formations in the framework of the public debate itself of any election campaign”. Therefore, pure election campaign.


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