Crime 18/03/20 YouTube”Escape of the prisoners live”: why did the riot police stormed the St. Petersburg “Crosses”

“Dashing the nineties” in Russia was marked not only by rampant crime, but the increased attention of television to this subject. 3 months after the collapse of the USSR residents of St. Petersburg and Russia clung to the screens, watching the bloody drama that unfolded in the legendary prison “Crosses”.


on 23 February 1992 using the “festive” mood of the administration, 7 prisoners of the remand prison iz-45/1 decided to carry out a daring escape plan. Led the bandits thief-habitual criminal Yury Perepelkin, who was awaiting trial for murder. The prisoners had prepared “sharpening” and blinded from bread dummy grenades, however, it is quite efficient – Perepelkin inserted in each “grenade” 40 grams of TNT illegally obtained.

while walking the criminals attacked the inspector, who was tied up and locked in. Then they took in hostages of two employees of isolator and together they barricaded themselves in the administration building. Threatening an explosion, the prisoners demanded the car, weapons and money. Negotiations with them lasted for several hours.

“from Time to time, they to the Windows under the knife let the woman and showed it to the police. Psychologically, it’s very much pressed upon us” — quoted participant in the events – Colonel Leonid I. SWAT in the book of Sergey Galitsky, “From death to life.”

the police tried to break the will of the invaders, which led under the window of the case criminal authority. He explained that the bandits are acting to the detriment of other prisoners, after which the incident would be “humiliated”. However, excited alcohol offenders was not persuaded.


the Police decided not to comply with the requirements of bandits. The times were hard, and the success of a daring antics could become a precedent for other prisoners. Instead, “Reserve”, riot policeand stormed the administrative offices. The trigger was the behavior of the bandits who began to cut the hostage, posting outside the bloody towels.

While the commandos broke down doors and grilles, Yury Perepelkin was arrested and put in a panic he thrust one Shiv in the man-checker and the other in his own body.

“When we saw two stuck with edge, it is not immediately understood and began to pull out both. And then, the Deputy police chief, wanting to help, you pulled a Shiv from the body of the controller. But this cannot be done categorically,” recalled Leonid I. error of the wounded died from cardiac arrest.

in addition to hostage, killed three of the bandits. One of them, holding the woman was placed sniper shot to the nose. The other died from a bullet fired by riot police in the keyhole – she hit him in the lower back. The third invader was punched to the head.

TV “Slava”

the Russian audience saw everything that happened in prison, thanks to the journalist Alexander Nevzorov. Perepelkin, by calling the mother, asking her to inform the press and the film crew of the program “600 seconds” was the site of one of the first.

records from the “Crosses” was also used in one of the cutscenes of the famous series “Criminal Russia. Modern Chronicles”. In particular, in the 48th second of every transmission is the phrase “Our youth will be held here! We’ll die here in prison!”. Those words shouted from behind the bars one of the dead criminals, 20-year-old Dmitry Zelenov.

Yuri Perepelkina, as the organizer of the escape, the court appointed the death penalty, but it was commuted to life in prison. Three of the surviving bandits have received from 15 to 6 years of imprisonment.

Timur Sagdiyev

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