The Republic by Walking (22%) and the national Rally (21.5 per cent) remains in the lead in voting intentions for the european elections in a little over a month before the election, according to an Ifop survey-Fiduciary aired this Thursday.

the difference between The two is very slightly tighter on the week in favour of the RN, which remains stable, while LREM loses half a point, in a campaign marked by a kind of truce in the wake of the fire of Notre-Dame-de-Paris.

LR credited 13.5%

In the third position, the list of Republicans, stable at 13.5%, just to get closer to duo’s head, according to the survey for Paris Match, CNews and Sud Radio. All recent polls give LREM in the lead in voting intentions ahead of the RN and the list LR, if the election was held Sunday.

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The list of Europe Ecologie Les Verts have won by 2 points in a week in the survey of the Fifg, with 9% of voting intentions, when that of France insubordinate loses 1.5 to 7%.

A stake estimated at 41%

The list Place public/PS/ND is credited 6.5% (+1), in front of Standing the France (5%, +0,5), a possible list yellow Vests (3%, =) and that of the Generations (3%, =). The CPF is at 2.5% (-0,5%), the IDU and the Patriots are up to 2% (-0,5), working class Struggle and the UPR collect 1% (=) each.

participation is estimated to be 41% of the electorate, up 3 percentage points less that the effective participation to the european 2014, and 67% of respondents say they are sure of their choice.

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Debate : populism is he the future of Europe ? The european : the national Rally going on in front of On Less than 40% of Europeans know that the elections are held in may

this Survey was conducted online from April 15 to 18 at 1333 persons registered on the electoral lists, according to the method of quotas. Margin of error of 1.1 to 2.6 percentage points.


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