The expert of the Ministry of health called the time of occurrence of coronavirus in Russia

Photo: TASS/Evgeny Sofiychuk

the Risk of importation into Russia of a new strain of coronavirus 2019-nCoV “is considered to be high.” This is stated in the report of the Deputy Director of the National medical research center of Phthisiopulmonology (SMRC FPI) of the Ministry of health of Russia Vladimir Chulanov.

According to experts, the strain of coronavirus can get into Russia in February, writes RBC with reference to the report.

Among the factors of the closets calls the ability to transfer the virus from person to person by airborne droplets, the appearance of new cases of disease in the Northern provinces of China, bordering Russia and the high growth rate of morbidity.

As suggested by the author of the report, contribute to the spread of the virus to a considerable extent could Chinese New year (25 January) due to migration.

At the same time head of the Department of infectious diseases of the Russian national research medical University. N. I. Pirogov Vladimir Nikiforov assured that the risk of importation to Russia of the coronavirus is, however, “there is no epidemic is not going to happen.”

At the same time, foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that the country will continue to ensure the safety and health in the country of foreign citizens amid the outbreak of coronavirus, reports RIA Novosti.

As reported in “Vkontakte”, the Russian Embassy in Beijing, at least 177 Russian citizens located on the territory of Central China’s Hubei province, which recorded the highest number of infected people by 2019 coronavirus-nCoV.

According to recent reports, the new virus in China 5974 people, of whom 132 died.

Previously, the CPS agreed to prepare physicians in Russia to the treatment of coronavirus and transfer of the hospital on a strict anti-epidemic regime. Doctors will practice history taking in patients with symptoms that do not exclude new coronavirus.

For the prevention of coronavirus, the Agency has issued recommendations for citizens. It is recommended to drink only bottled inode, there is a heat-treated food and to wash hands before eating and after visiting crowded places.

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