The experts gave a prediction about the disappearance of handshakes from COVID-19

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the world began to emerge assumption that in a short time the handshake may come to naught. Their place will be the bows, as this greeting is the most secure.

a Teacher-consultant on etiquette and business Protocol Tatiana Nikolayeva told, whether the pandemic coronavirus infection lead to a change of greetings between people. In particular, she appreciated the forecast of the disappearance of handshakes from COVID-19, IA “NSN”.

According to the specialist, to change habits to shake hands, must undergo years of the epidemic, but because such is practically impossible.

“in order to reverse such deep-seated habits, you need much more time. To us it is stuck, we need in such circumstances to live two or three years. I hope that this will not happen, that we are faster all of this will overcome”, – said Nikolaev.

She expressed confidence that people will continue to subconsciously stretch each other hands when they meet.

Earlier it was reported that from shaking hands at the time refused Vladimir Putin. Press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said that the spread of coronavirus to shake hands stopped almost everything.

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