The father of ex-Colonel Zakharchenko was released

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”Andrey Lyubimov

Monday, March 30, released the father of former interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko Victor. He was released in connection with the expiration of the sentence. About it as transfers TASS, the lawyer said Denis Kalinin.

“I just got off the phone with the family of Viktor Zakharchenko. He was released due to the fact that his sentence has expired,” said the lawyer.

Kalinin recalled that Viktor Zakharchenko initially sentenced 4 years in prison for embezzlement, but in November of last year the Moscow city court reduced the sentence to 3 years and nine months. According to the lawyer, by the time he was under arrest more than three years, and new rules of calculation of terms already served his sentence.

Viktor Zakharchenko, was arrested on charges of embezzlement of 4.9 million rubles. The money he received as salary from the “MIA-Bank”, where fictitiously worked.

According to investigators, the former head of the “MIA-Bank” Vladimir Korovkin hired for the position of his adviser to Zakharchenko, despite the absence of that respective entity. He did not perform his duties and was absent in the workplace. Korovkin was illegally paid Zakharchenko salary and benefits, than caused damage to the Bank.

After retiring from the Bank Korovkina his place was taken by Sergey Fungus, which continued to pay Zakharchenko salary for a fictitious job. It was announced in the international wanted list and arrested in absentia.

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