Infected with coronavirus model heard a strange sound from the lungs

In mid-March, 30-year-old Clement noticed a slight cough, but did not give it much importance and went with friends to a ski resort of Vallauris.

while riding her it became difficult to breathe. The model ignored the warning signs, assuming that just lost its former shape, because have not skied.

After returning to Paris, her health deteriorated: Clement it became difficult to breathe, and the cough increased. Later she noticed that from her lungs came a strange sound and got in touch with a physician by video conference. The physician decided that the patient had a cold and advised her to take paracetamol.

the Twentieth of March, Clement still went to the hospital. When it was revealed that she was infected with coronavirus infection of the new type she was hospitalized.

the Number of cases in France, according to the latest data, is 37 575 people, the victims of coronavirus infection were 2314 people.

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