The results, still provisional, have left very happy with the organisers. The XVII edition of the Fiesta del Cine, celebrated the past Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, has surpassed the 2.2 million tickets sold. In particular the publishing company Comscore confirmed that there has been 2.291.606 spectators-in fact, they are less viewers, because a lot of people repeated films on the same day or in the three of the initiative, which for the fourth time the Party exceeds two million, and this year’s edition becomes the second best of the last decade. With the final data, it will exceed even more to the October edition of the year 2014, when you went to the concert halls of spain 2.251.605 spectators.


Feast of cinema: seven jewels that you can not miss The Party of the Film held with 1.8 million viewers its tenth anniversary

The Festival of Cinema is an initiative that is held every semester, organized by the Federation of Film Distributors (Fedicine), the Federation of Cinemas of Spain (Fece) and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), and that involves the 95% of the cinemas in Spanish (on this occasion, 3.069 screens of 351 cinemas), with entries to 2,90 euros. The autumn edition is usually more successful than the spring. In October of last year, the Feast of the Cinema, with 1.3 million entries, was the worst since 2012. Since that 2012, the event has gone from annual to semi-annual, and had always fluctuated between 1.6 and 2.6 million tickets sold. In October of 2018, in contrast, fell by 18.7% with respect to the FOURTEENTH edition, in may of 2018, when he received 1.64 million viewers. In contrast, in the last spring, the XVI Festival of the Film ended up with 1.825.800 tickets sold. That is to say, the best figure of the last two and a half years, over the preceding four calls, even if it is below the 2.6 million viewers in October 2016.

On this occasion, there was some fear that the continued disaffection of the public, after a weekend of spectacular, in which the top20 had exceeded the eur 8.2 million in revenue. Not been well, and thanks to that the billboard was full of very different and interesting titles. The 10 films most viewed have been Joker, Maleficent 2: the master of evil, The Addams family, for the duration of the war, The silence of the white city, Zombieland: kills and finishes off, Abominable, Gemini, rainy Day in New York, Parasites, and state Secrets.

Another change that has improved the attendance has been to delay a bit your celebration: from the beginning to the end of October, with the worst time. Among the data to highlight, the organizers point out that the Wednesday were the rooms more than a million viewers, something that has not occurred from the Wednesday 27th of December 2017.


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