More than 30 million units sold over 46 years of life. Are the business records of the Volkswagen (VW) Passat, some of the statistics that make the sedan more popular in the world. An authentic best-selling global that has already surpassed the historical production of the Beetle (21.5 million) and that is about even to that of the iconic Golf (35 million).

With such a curriculum, Volkswagen faces with special attention to the renewal of this model, which, in addition, is one of the few sedans that get still resist the rise of the SUV. The evolution includes five major advances in front of the Passat current: greater connectivity, cleaner engines, design changes, the latest in security and even a hybrid variant plug-in most complete that brings together the best of the electric cars and combustion.

Connectivity futuristic

permanent Connection to the Internet and new online features such as digital key, which you can send to another person as if it was a message to leave him in the car, or the possibility to open the model to distance to a dealer (Volkswagen works at the moment, Nacex) leave the package order in the trunk.

The new Passat debuts the third generation of the infotainment system modular (MIB3), which is compatible with Apple CarPlay without the need of establishing a connection by cable (hereinafter, also with Android Auto), and is available in three different versions, with screens of 6.5 to 9.2 inches. You can meet also browser, bluetooth to the mobile and new USB ports of type C, more powerful than the current.

The digital instrumentation (VW Digital Cockpit also improves and presents graphics of the highest quality and sharpness, apart from with more options for customization.

New Passat:

five ways to improve



The new petrol engines of the Volkswagen Passat incorporated particulate filter to reduce emissions; the diesel take filter and also AdBlue, an aqueous solution containing urea, which breaks down the nitrogen oxides reaching the atmosphere.


connected to

The infotainment system of the latest generation (up by 9.2 inches, compatible with Apple CarPlay) allows a permanent connection to the Internet. Another novelty: the dispatchers of NACEX may leave packages in the trunk while the driver is not.



The Volkswagen Passat refines your look thanks to details such as front and rear bumpers, alloy wheels, new LED headlights and the inscription ‘Passat’, now in the center of the back. Inside offers a design more digitalized.


it is easier

in Addition to other aid, the Passat offers the driving semi-autonomous up thanks to the attendees and technologies: the system Travel coordinates the programmer of speed active, and the lane keeping system, and connects with the browser and the system of recognition of signals.


VW Passat GTE:
plug-in hybrid

More miles free of emissions. a
electric range: 56 miles (WLTP)
Battery: grows up to 13 kWh
Power: 218 HP

emissions, and minimum

The new VW Passat achieves a greater efficiency thanks to their engines tuned, that they manage to contain the emissions without losing power. The propellant gas now include a particulate filter (the same that already carry the diesel), which eliminates 99% of the contaminant. And the versions of diesel, for its part, equip in addition to AdBlue, an aqueous solution containing urea, which is stored in a special tank and is injected into the exhaust to break down oxides of nitrogen (NOx), thereby preventing them from reaching the atmosphere. All the mechanical, which cover a power range from 120 HP to the TDI of minimum to 272 HP for TSI maximum, comply with the recent regulation of emissions, european Euro 6d-TEMP, the most restrictive in the history of the car.

new Design

The cosmetic changes on the berlin German is appreciate at first sight. And manage to renew the aesthetics of the model, that now makes a point of freshness, elegance and sophistication.

The body receives new bumpers, grille, headlights (all with led technology) and wheels (17, 18 and 19 inches), among other things, and is also available in new colors with respect to the previous Passat, as electric blue, bottle green and gold and nickel, among others

The interior, for its part, premieres, instrumentation, steering wheel, new multimedia equipment for the center console, decorative moldings and to an ambient lighting that lets you choose between 30 different colors. Also, there are original details like the analog clock, located in the center of the dashboard of the outgoing model is replaced now by the inscription “Passat”, which lights up at night and creates a curious effect.

Driving assisted driving safer

The systems of driving assistance, who assist the pilot to strengthen security, are now grouped under the name of IQ.DRIVE. And thanks to a camera outside, more powerful, and to an image processing paths and more capable, it may offer additional features. One is the so-called Travel Assist, that combines the functions of the scheduler of speed active and the system of automatic maintenance of lane, and even takes into account the traffic signals and the instructions of the browser to adjust the speed of movement of the maximum of the path and adapt it in advance of curves, roundabouts and crossings. The car speeds up, slows down, keeps the safety distance, it takes smooth curves, stays centered in the lane…. And everything is controlled from the new flywheel, which is capacitive (touch-sensitive), and require to catch it to receive assistance and to avoid this excess of confidence on the part of the driver.

The Passat has other assistive technologies as an alert on the presence of vehicles in the dead angle of the rearview mirrors (Side Assist) and the Emergency Assist, which will stop when there is no response from the driver.

plug-in Hybrid: the best of the electrical and thermal

The Passat GTE, which has a mechanical hybrid plug-in, also improves. And now, among other advances, expands its range of use in electric-only mode to maximize the options to achieve a clean cycle. One of the keys is in the battery, which grows to 13 kWh, a 31% more, and thus allows movement up to 56 miles without consuming or polluting (cycle of approval WLTP), 20 more than in the previous model.

According to the travel distance of each driver, you could get to cover the daily commute with electricity (from home to work and back) and not refuel fuel from Monday to Friday. But in the weekend getaways or vacation trips, it has a mechanical hybrid 218 HP that brings good benefits and consumption of content, and that allows you to tackle any trail, for long that is. And so, the GTE combines the best of electric cars and thermal.

Multiple costumes for the same model

VW Passat saloon

The traditional format. A-body sedan or four-door, with the trunk separated (586 litres capacity), which gives the image more elegant of the range.

VW Passat Variant

The alternative family. More space and practicality (boot capacity of 650 litres). Also an appearance of more light-hearted. Like the Passat saloon, can be chosen with finish normal or with the R Line, for a sporty look.

VW Passat Alltrack

A variant of ‘multi-terrain’. The costume is familiar, but completed with traction 4×4 and suspensions elevated to be able to exit the asphalt.

VW Passat GTE

plug-in Hybrid. Is available with costumes saloon and the Variant, and its mechanics allows you to operate with no emissions, only electricity, and also travel without the limitations of autonomy.


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