today’s professional is due to activity that we always take less time to eat. During working hours, only have time for a Sandwich in front of the PC or a sandwich from the bakery is usually on the way back to the office. This can be a fatal mistake. One study found that food “to go” leads to weight gain. It is all about the distraction. Who eats in front of the Computer or the TV, has no conscious handling of food. That is why it is so important to sit down at a table and eat in peace to take.

study about food “to go”, Therefore, we should not eat on the way food is the new Pop

in General, eating out is now becoming more and more important. Never were people so closely at your food like in the 21st century. Century. The nutritionist Dr. Margareta B√ľning-Fesel said that food is regarded as the new Pop. It is all the stronger urge of self-optimization. We aspire literally, the body through Fitness and special diets to shape as best as possible and keep healthy. Thus, the Trend of vegetarianism and the organic is to explain-diet. Who wants to live a healthy life, also want to lead a sustainable life style. In addition, the modern world is becoming more and more complex and also more confusing. We have the urge to be in control, so we’re looking for even when eating.

How in the world is eaten on the streets

but There are dishes that are only on the road, and a whole culture to represent. For example, the sweet Mango and Sticky Rice from Thailand. A sun is sliced ripened Mango and warm coconut rice served. Or, the Vietnamese version of the filled Baguette: Banh Mi. All the dishes are great to Take away, but even better: You take the time and eat it directly on a wobbly chair on the roadside.

What are the dishes you should have in the world tasted time, you will see in the following photo.


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