History 04/03/20 the “Garbage of Europe”: what is so called the Waffen-SS

as conceived By the leadership of the Third Reich in the Waffen-SS was to gather representatives of the colors of the German nation, but in fact they very quickly got the “garbage of Europe.” Why did it happen?

Pot of Nations

the Fact that the SS took only the Germans who had “Aryan” and possessed many good qualities, no more than a myth. In this organization you can meet people of such nationalities that the Third Reich did not complain of the Slavs, the French, Hungarians, Romanians, Albanians, immigrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia. And it was far from the best representatives of their people, traitors of the Motherland, hiring the service of the Nazis.

it All started with Scandinavia. First in 1940, there were General SS units Flanders, followed by the Dutch SS. In 1941 it added the Norwegian SS. However, all this was the people, their culture and history close to the Germans. But when during the Second world war in the Waffen SS were any staff shortages, most of the requirements for the members of this organization have disappeared. Actual there was only one condition: the devotion of Germany and the Reichsfuhrer SS. Come down to the fact that in 1944 over France circulated by propaganda posters on the call to join the Waffen-SS. Employees in the organization, at which the fall was extremely difficult because of the strict selection, started to recruit as stevedores to work the port. Moreover, a similar situation was observed in all the occupied countries of Europe.

From the aliens to criminals

it is Not surprising that the traitors, who went to serve in the SS, was extremely negative attitude. However, in the state of this organization there were many divisions, fully manned with foreigners. Of the Norwegians, Danes, Belgians and Dutch were drawn up the 12 SS divisions. The Muslims of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia formed three division of the SS. Five SS divisions were created by volunteers from Italy, Hungary and France, six divisions – from Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. All historians have counted 43 SS division, staffed by foreign personnel.

The amazing thing is that the SS were volunteers citizens of countries that were never occupied by the Germans, Finns, Romanians, Bulgarians and Spaniards. Such “ideological” illegally crossing the border, only to join the ranks of the SS.

of Course, in battles similar to military units behaved abominably, and they quickly disbanded. Reached ridiculous. In may 1944 near Minsk of the Eastern Muslim SS regiment, which was collected from the Kazakhs in full force defected to the partisans. A similar story occurred in December 1944 when 400 Uzbeks under the command of SS obersturmführer Alimova deserted and joined the partisans. But the most shameful fact for the advocates of SS can be considered the creation of the division “of Dirlewanger”, the personnel of which included the Germans, convicted of criminal offences. It was the last evidence of the fall of the prestige of the Waffen SS, even in Germany itself. It is known that SS-obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the second man in the organization, his contempt for the troops called it “slop bucket”of Europe.

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