What are the real losses suffered by NATO in Yugoslavia

History 04/03/20 What are the real losses suffered by NATO in Yugoslavia

In any war, the most controversial are the data losses in manpower and technology. In today’s world, there is probably no military conflict, after which the warring parties would agree to these losses, provided the opposite party. Unprecedented treacherous attack of NATO forces on Yugoslavia are not an exception to this rule. Reports in the Western media about what the loss on the part of NATO was minimal, are fiction and misinformation.

Ineffective troops

If you look closely at the balance of forces during NATO operation “Allied force” in Yugoslavia, the imbalance will be simply stunning. According to statistics throughout the former Yugoslavia before the war lived, the population is less than new York in those years. It’s amazing how this small country for quite a long time by the standards of this situation, managed to hold out against the military machine of NATO. While the coalition forces of the Western powers suffered substantial losses. Despite the fact that during the fighting, the advocates of NATO solemnly reported minimal losses in equipment and manpower, followed by the summing up showed a completely different picture. According to the command of the air forces of Yugoslavia, led, including air defense systems they were shot down 115 aircraft of NATO. Data Yugoslavs are confirmed by information of the Russian military, published in the open press. The pilots who had ejected from a downed NATO aircraft, often found their death at the hands of local residents, which before it was bombed. Similar data have and Chinese military experts, while in fact NATO’m only talking about multiple instances of downed aircraft with no casualties.

a Lie is the best promotion

the fact that NATO is, to put it mildly, lying about their lossx in Yugoslavia, evidenced by the fact that the former British defense Secretary Robertson agreed with the data of the three British bombers shot down by the Yugoslavs. However, later during the summing up of the war on these planes “forgot”. How many similar losses, NATO has forgotten this way is not known. However, in the West, too, there were honest observers. In particular, the American international Association for strategic studies pointed out that only the first month of the war, Yugoslavia was destroyed 38 planes, 6 helicopters and 7 UAVs NATO. Among them was even an aircraft “invisible.” With the F-117 “Stealth” the Americans have generally turned out terrible confusion.

the creation is invisible to radar aircraft had expended a lot even by American standards money. However, the reality was that the F-117 perfectly see Soviet radar, and not even the most recent generations. Moreover, the Yugoslavs were so inventive that learned to even shoot down cruise missiles. The most effective remedy against them was the barrage balloons, almost forgotten since the Second World war. When the ratio of forces and means of the results obtained military adventure NATO has failed. Only the Americans spent on the conduct of hostilities more than a billion dollars a day. But as it turned out high-precision weapons were used for destruction of fake tanks and aircraft. The most interesting thing that repeatedly caught on lies NATO officials still claim that their losses amounted to 2 downed aircraft and 2 helicopters. While the only documented loss of NATO, according to the Ministry of defence of Yugoslavia totaled 31 aircraft, 6 helicopters, 11 UAV. In reality, shot down planes and helicopters not to mention UAVs and cruise missiles was much more.

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