Wolf messing: the most astonishing facts about the famous magician

Biography 24/03/20 wolf messing: the most astonishing facts about the famous magician

In the Soviet era, wolf messing was performed on stage as an artist-magician, supposedly read the minds of the public. The Restructuring about him began to write as almost about the greatest psychic of the twentieth century. Today we know a lot about him and sometimes shocking information, but no one can figure out where the truth and the fiction.

the Ability to suggestion emerged from messing in childhood

the Biographical sources tell about wolf Messing next. He was born on 10 September 1899 in the Jewish settlement Mountain-Kalwaria near Warsaw (territory of the former Russian Empire). After graduating from the local school (heder) he was sent to school, preparing clergymen, – yeshibot. But the boy quickly ran away from there – he didn’t have the desire to dedicate himself to God. He took some pennies from a Cup for donations and went to Berlin. And during the train journey in his life was the first miracle. When the inspector asked for the ticket, which the film certainly wasn’t, he gave the supervisor a piece of paper found on the floor, and stared him straight in the eye – I really like to see the paper accepted for the ticket. And it worked! The controller validated “ticket”!

Dear managed to escape from prison, using hypnosis

messing claimed that he prophesied the defeat of Hitler, and therefore became persona non grata. Besides, he was a Jew. The artist tried to hide, but one day he still got arrested and put in jail. He knew that to get out alive in the usual way he has no chance. Then, she decided to apply their skills. The power of suggestion he made all of the police station where he was held, to gather in the chamber, and he jumped into the corridor and locked the door from the outside. When the “Wraith” came down and the police came to his senses, the fugitive was long gone.

Stalin gave Messing the test

If you believe the memoirs of the film, in the Soviet Union, he was in 1939, after his entire family was killed in Majdanek. He was taken from Warsaw in the cart under the hay and helped to get to the border with the Soviet Union. There he joined the team of Brest actors that traveled throughout Belarus. Once in Gomel, two strangers took him to a hotel room where he was found… with Stalin. He asked him about Poland, Jozef Pilsudski, and then gave the job: to 100 000 rubles in the Bank on a clean piece of paper. Had to convince the cashier that he sees a check for 100 thousand. However, when the cashier came around and saw a blank page instead of a check, he suffered a heart attack. Another given to him by Stalin, the job was to go to the office of the Beria without a pass, bypassing the security. Messing easily coped with this.

the Ability of the film – the myth?

There is a version that the story of film, published under the title “I am a telepath,” was actually written by the famous journalist Mikhail Khvastunov, was in charge of the Department of science “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. That many contained in the book are fictional the facts, confirmed by the people around the piano Hvastunova. Just had to come up with for the illusionist is a beautiful legend. But did the movie really any extraordinary powers, or could just show the stunts on the stage is unknown.

Many of the facts from the memoirs of the film test was not possible

In 1965, the magazine “Science and religion” published a memoir of her. In them, he claimed that in 1915 in Vienna met with albert Einstein with physics. However, it turned out that Einstein never had apartments in Vienna and in 1913 and 1925 the scientist did not happen in this city.

Another most famous statement of the film was that he, speaking in a theater in occupied Warsaw, predicted Hitler and the collapse if he will turn to the East. Then, the occupation authorities appointed over his head 200 000 DM. However, no evidence of this story exists. The sources of the times of the Nazi occupation of Poland there is not a single word about the artist Messing.

of the letter read, he “read the muscles”

In his lifetime interview, I was told that in his youth he performed in traveling circuses by participating in the offer of illusionists. Then mastered the so-called “pop telepathy”. “It’s not mind reading, but if I may say so, “reading of muscles”, – he said. – When the person tensely thinks about something, brain cells transmit impulses to all the muscles of the body. Their movements, imperceptible to a simple eye, me are easily perceived…I often perform mental tasks without direct contact with the inductor. Here the index I can be the respiratory rate of the inductor, the beating of his pulse, voice timbre, character of gait, etc.”

During the war, she gave money to build fighter aircraft. And it may well be true. In 1942 the artist was summoned by a party official from the NHS and asked what amount he is willing to sacrifice for the war. “Thirty thousand,” replied the sound. “Wolf G., – smiled the official, – Yes, we have farmers tanks and the front of the aircraft is presented, and you with your income…” In the end, he subscribed for fifty thousand rubles, and said goodbye. The next day he was arrested on charges of spying for the Germans. The NKVD a few days treated the actor, promising to drop the charges against him, if he will give a million rubles to the plane.

some time later, the Newspapers published articles about what famous entertainer was presented to the Soviet front fighter, which now flies the Hero of the Soviet Union pilot Konstantin Kovalev.

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