The government of Ukraine allowed to open the markets, but people were not allowed there

according To the article published document lists the conditions for the functioning of these “pockets of hunger”. Buyers in the queue is prescribed to keep a minimum distance of five feet from each other. On the faces of the sellers have to be masks, and their hands – rubber gloves.

the so-called “weekend markets” distance between outlets must be at least 3 meters.

– Man, milk ne treba?

a Few ladies of middle age briskly discussed on the Forecourt of a town in Zhytomyr region… the situation in Belarus and Turkmenistan.

why are you here and not inside? The market is in fact allowed to open!

Who said?

the Document was signed, and yesterday half-day played on all TV channels…

– Maybe in Kiev and opened the bazaars, johnny meets a well-dressed participant in the discussion on the old man Lukashenko to Gurbanguly – And we – do go and take a look!

– If discovered – so only addiction! under the laughter of the companions says the third lady.

“Translated arrows” on General drunkenness is not accidental. Local bootleggers, and before the introduction of restrictive measures “on the coronavirus”, working with a full load. Where did their “red-nosed” customers appear every day hryvnia crumpled pieces of paper for the next campaign “on point”, the correspondent of “MK” does not know. Thank God, while the sharp rise in crime in the region began, cases of principle to the failure to pay at the supermarket for the same are not recorded.

at the main entrance to the city’s Central market selyanok with hidden dairy products, no perekupschits not see. For them, this place is unsafe. Down the street is constantly slowly cruising police “the Prius”, to avoid the imposition of a large monetary fine under the pretext of “… and we’re just with each other talking…” will not work.

As it turned out, and in Kiev the “market situation” hasn’t changed a bit.

– What would there not accepted in the government officialcially declare: Kiev their markets will not open! – forcefully uttered in broken Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko. – Until we see reduce the risk of infection of Kiev, to provide the city with food will only be registered operators of the food market: hypermarkets, supermarkets, food stores.

While malposition 1st place in the incidence COVID-19 Kiev is far ahead of other regions of the country including dubbed the “Ukrainian Wuhan” Chernivtsi oblast. The team of Vladimir Zelensky, frantically trying to stabilize the situation, sometimes only aggravates it.

Yesterday, during a briefing of the leadership of the Zhytomyr region, the journalists heard from the Chairman of the regional administration Vladimir Fedorenko disturbing news about the alleged admitted to hospital “with a suspected coronavirus” 50-year-old resident of Korosten, who returned recently from earnings in Europe. Half an hour later, as misinformation was denied by the head of the city health Department of Executive Committee of Korosten city Council Nicholas Hare. According to him , are brought to city hospital zarobitchanin was immediately examined by radiologists, were tested for influenza A, B. diagnosed SARS in the form of light – does not fit the definition of “suspected coronavirus”!

that’s Why is not coming from languages Polesie inhabitants mentioned above Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

In the former Turkmen Soviet socialist Republic is now strictly forbidden to use in colloquial speech the word “coronavirus” and each citizen of the Republic, seen on street in a medical mask, then grab the police! “Arcadia” (“protector” – that is the official title 62-year-old President of Turkmenistan) not the only one who suppresses any rumour raging coronavirus. His Belarusian colleague Alexander Lukashenko, as suggested in Korosten, also “carved” would be too talkative official of the regional administration.

masked in our area go almost all. In each of the supermarkets are those of buyers who fundamentally does not close his the person offered to measure body temperature. The author of these lines in the shop this service is also provided. Then I could begin the study of commodity prices. Alas, information about a small rise in price almost for each item was confirmed.

will the prices on most running “anticavity” products. Lemons are now at 73 hryvnia (201 rubles) per kilogram. Behind them, and ginger (350 UAH. or 965 RUB.) and garlic (100 UAH. 275 or Russian rubles) in our region many are chasing. Because I heard about the supposedly proven reputable European doctors potent antibacterial, antiinflammatory, and antivirus effects of this Trinity the “immune”products.

In Kiev, and especially in Kharkiv, these same products are more expensive. Lemons soared to 100 or even up to 120 hryvnia (275-330 RUB), garlic asking for 150 hryvnia (413 rubles). Willingly sold out these days vodka of all brands. If you compare its value a year ago, this non-alcoholic drink rose by an average of 30%. That is, today, a pint in the Ukraine is the hryvnia 92 or 254 of the Russian ruble.

One of the factors of demand, again, was “good advice” from Alexander Lukashenko: it is best, they say, to “beat” the coronavirus hot bath and subsequent abundant libations. Sorry, Alexander G. did not say: and what about those who have the virus has already settled in the body? In the sauna, then to live a long time still will not work, and the immune system of even the most resilient person after “contrast” soul pool “flavored” alcohol, will inevitably be weakened.

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