The government will introduce a ban on the import of petrol – media

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the Russian Government adopted a decision on temporary ban on the import of oil products from abroad.

according to RBC, it is necessary to prevent the importation of cheap gasoline in the domestic market. It is expected that restrictions will be imposed from April until September 2024.

According to forecasts of the energy Ministry, which has proposed that till this period will be hold on low oil prices. The initiative was supported by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who oversees surveys fuel and energy complex.

energy Minister Alexander Novak said, the demand for gasoline in some European Union countries fell by about 70 percent because of the measures against the coronavirus. As a result, the price of fuel is almost equal to the cost of raw materials, and in some cases gasoline began to cost even cheaper oil.

Experts noted that the European refineries are not limited by the Russian tax system, you can start to put their cheaper products in Russia, as they are not able to sell fuel on the EU market.

on April 6, the price of Brent crude oil fell to 31.69 dollar per barrel. The crisis in the oil industry emerged because of the failure of the Treaty of OPEC countries+ in terms of reduction of volumes of oil production. From this measure declined Russia and Kazakhstan.

Drivers are advised to choose gas stations with contactless payment

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