The doctor called the error protection gloves from coronavirus

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a British physician Karan Rangarajan called the mistakes of those who for protection against coronavirus uses rubber gloves.

According to the physician, the mere fact of wearing gloves does not guarantee protection from the virus, writes tabloid the Sun.

He explained that people are the same gloves to touch a huge number of items, which have microbes.

At the same time they accidentally touch your face or bare hand touching the glove, reports “Evening Moscow”.

Rangarajan encouraged to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after wearing gloves to protect themselves.

the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation previously gave to employers recommendations to ensure a workflow in the background COVID-19.

In particular, it is necessary to provide masks and gloves to workers who are forced to communicate with people throughout the day.

In the suburbs began to sew reusable medical masks

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