The head of the Cabinet instructed to eliminate obstacles to online trading

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin instructed the Cabinet to remove unjustified obstacles to online trading. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

According to mishustina, the popularity of remote banking services has increased, this also applies to online trading.

“Instead of supporting the organizers of online trading, in some places hinder the work of the carriers and retailers, to the extent that the stop the trucks at the entrance to the regions and close the points of issue of orders preventing the couriers to deliver them to the people,” – said Mishustin at the government meeting.

the Prime Minister reminded that the government’s decision on the suspension of offline retail, non-food and commodities, and does not apply to online trading.

Earlier, the head of the Association of companies of Internet trade Artem Sokolov reported that there were limitations in the work of couriers and delivery of orders in several regions.

On the functioning of the services affected by the lack of uniform regulation on the background of high alert. Sokolov explained that due to various interpretations, suffering logistics. In this connection, he said, interrupted as the stop courier car delivery. Fails in time to deliver the orders.

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