The head of the state Duma explained why women live longer than men

the Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in the plenary session, explained to deputies why women live longer than men, citing the example of the Deputy from “United Russia” Alain Arshinova.

the fact that Arshinov came to the meeting in a medical mask and gloves. Noticing this Volodin said: “look, Alyona Arshinova I. she and mask, and gloves.”

the Following Volodin asked me if colleagues why women live longer? He added that there may be a lot, but women including self-organization, and disciplined.

Noting the act Arshinova, the speaker stressed that such people lead the country to success and prosperity, and so as to comply with self-restraint and do everything to if a human is infected, with no one to infect.