SC opened a case after the death of a child in a fire in the Rostov region

Photos: Moscow 24/Anastasia Cornicina

the Investigation Committee opened a criminal case after the fire suffocated locked a child in the house. A boy is born in 2017 unattended playing with matches and set the bed on fire, the press service of the RF IC in the Rostov region.

the Case was filed against 40-year-old resident of the Neklinovsky district of Rostov region. It is suspected of causing death by negligence.

According to investigators, in late February a woman left home, leaving unattended her little son. The door she closed on the padlock. The child began to play with matches and set fire to the bed, started a fire, which the boy suffocated.

on March 26, it was reported that in the city district of Istra in the fire in a private house, killing a teenage girl. In fact the incident, the IC organized a check. In addition, he was hospitalized three children, 2011, 2010 and 2009 years of birth. In the house the children were without adult supervision. According to preliminary data, the heating was performed using heating equipment that could be the cause of the tragedy.

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