The head physician of the hospital in Wuhan died of coronavirus

Photo: Photo: TASS/AP

the Chief physician of hospital of Wuhan Liu Jimin died of coronavirus. He worked in that hospital, which brought the infected people, informs “the”.

the Medic was 51 years old. Colleagues tried to save him, but all attempts were in vain.

Earlier it was reported that in Wuhan from the coronavirus passed away, the doctor, who was forbidden to speak about his appearance. Later, the media has denied the information about the death of Lee Varlena. It was noted that he indeed had contracted the new type of pneumonia and is in critical condition.

Passed Chinese doctor, first reported the coronavirus

an Outbreak of coronavirus was identified in a large Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of December last year. The who has recognized her emergency of international scale, describing as an epidemic, with many lesions.

outside China, cases of infection were reported in 25 countries, including Russia. In Russia COVID-19 were two citizens of China, their sickness proceeded in the form of light. At the moment patients are discharged.

According to the latest data, the number of victims of the virus in China reached nearly 1.9 thousand people, infected more 72,4 thousand citizens. To fight managed 12.5 thousand inhabitants.

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