The victory of Claudia Lopez, who on Sunday became the first mayor of Bogotá, elected in the polls, has a symbolic weight that goes beyond the management of the municipality. In the first place, because the position which it will occupy from next 1 January is considered the second more important of Colombia behind the president. To govern the capital, which lies nearly one-fifth of the country, with a budget of a millionaire, is also to be inserted fully in the discussions, which also marked the national policy. What happens in Bogotá, within and outside institutions, is, with some exceptions, which defines the direction of the country.

The leader of the Alliance Green won and somehow revolutionized the space of center and center-left. In general, the spectrum political alternative to the right. He did so because his triumph, that the surveys do not hosted so clearly, it represents a hope of a change of cycle for the progressive forces. And, at the same time, because the opposition leader Gustavo Petro, and many of his followers distanced themselves by it. The senator and also former mayor of the capital, promoter of the match Colombia-Human, was the main opponent of the representative, Iván Duque, the presidential elections of 2018. In second round he supported more than eight million colombians, and was the most voted candidate in Bogotá, with nearly two million votes.


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During this year and a half, Petro never lost prominence and in these elections supported for the Bogota mayor’s office to Hollman Morris, who eventually finished third with 440.000 votes. That is to say, there was a transfer of the voters that, by 2018, supported the project. The politician launched to the mayor-elect a tough message, marking the distances of your next term of office. “The Winner Is Claudia Lopez. Not represents us. The movement Colombia, Human will be independent of its Government. I applaud Morris for keeping alive the flags of the Bogotá Human, but since Bogotá decided to destroy the project of the underground to the city”, launched on Twitter in reference to the dispute over the transportation system in the capital, a city of nearly nine million inhabitants with no metro and with a bus network is insufficient.

Lopez, who is betting on the elevated train, ignored the criticism, but other political representatives themselves came to their defense. “Very grave error to the Petro in Bogota and the match Claudia Galan and Uribe Turbay”, remained the senator of the Alternative Democratic Pole Jorge Enrique Robledo in reference to the other candidates. “By little leads to win Penalosa [outgoing mayor] and the peñalosismo. Hopefully Petro is not going to judge the Management of Claudia Lopez with same look-sectarian, with which the judged, deceptively, as a candidate”. Sergio Fajardo, who also attended the last presidential election, next to the leader, environmentalist as a candidate for the vice-presidency and follows on the first line, underlined that the capital “is ready to turn the page” and “start a new chapter”. Their program aims to improve education and public health, advancing a battle for equality, and promote environmental policies.

The future mayor was instrumental in their first hours in an message social unit, key in a country still divided politically and culturally, and in a special way around the peace agreements. “We must govern for all sectors. It is much more that unites us than what divides us, we must take that,” he said on W Radio. One of the proposals that the about to a sensitivity cross is precisely the fight against corruption, which is a standard bearer in the colombian landscape.


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