The founders and owners of iDental are getting closer to the bench of the accused. The judge José de la Mata, that have been instructed in the National court, the alleged macroestafa plotted by the owners of this network of dental clinics, has been ordered to open oral proceedings against them by a fraud of almost 24 million euros to the Social Security. According to consists in a self-instructor signed on the 30th of October, among others, is sent to the oral hearing to the creators to originate in the lattice, Vicente Castañer and Antonio Javier García Pellicer, and his successors at the front of the network of companies, Luis Sans and the brothers José María and Juan López Garrido.

“Since the year 2014 is design a business model consisting of a large network, corporate and business dull, with organization charts, complex business, and with collaboration in some cases, straw buyers, to provide the medical dental through the opening of clinics and workshops throughout Spain and abroad”, highlights Of the Kills in his writing of this separate piece, to which has had access THE COUNTRY. The main cause is still instructing alleged crimes of fraud continued, misappropriation, misrepresentation documentary, money laundering and fraudulent administration, among others.

According to the judge’s car, which differentiates between several stages in the plot, in the first is Castañer and García Pellicer the front of the 55 companies of the group iDental. At this time, the unpaid accrued Social Security in 2015, 2016 and 2017 totaling 8.5 million euros of senior debt. “In a second period, the responsibility in these acts defraudatorios falls in Sans and the brothers Garrido López”, stresses the magistrate, which encrypts the fraud in this second stage, in eur 16.1 million. “In this case, the past defaults that are accounted for are those corresponding to the end of the year 2018, which renders a prejudice much greater if you consider the interest, costs and surcharges generated in the process,” he says Of the Kills.


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In turn, the instructor of the National Audience, it also puts the spotlight on Institutes Dental Associates (IOA), a group linked to Luis Sans, —he had led the acquisition of iDental by Weston Hill— and with that is wanted allegedly to repeat the macroestafa under a new brand. According to the judge, this commercial caused a prejudice to the Social Security of 1.6 million euros.

The case iDental broke out last year, when the network of clinics closed suddenly and left drawn thousands of patients —autonomy came to calculate that the possible affected amounted to 400,000 throughout the country, who saw how they interrupted their treatments or not even initiated. Then, in addition, reported cases of malpractice, the use of inferior materials and implants poorly made. Mata took up the investigation and concluded that the owners had designed a complex web of companies to deceive patients, for people with few resources who were made to contract loans to finance their dental treatments.A money that, in addition, ended up in the coffers of the company, and later, according to the investigations of the National Police, was diverted to accounts controlled by the owners and is not intended to serve patients.

In the car this October 30, the judge imposing more than 100 million euro bail to the seven processed in this separate piece.


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