Table next to the sea in the Náutico de San Vicente do Mar, O Grove (Pontevedra). The actor Javier Rey asks the poet Benjamin Prado, who writes in his notebook, if what you are doing is working. “The one that works is it,” he responds Prado pointing to the sea. “I I transcribe the message,” he adds. King replies: “I’ve spent my whole life looking for that message, do you know? Everywhere, even inside the bottle”.

Both artists are immersed then in a conversation about what they expect of life in the Vast Minority, a new short film written by Benjamín Prado and starring both. “A very easy way, the short talks about one of the big questions of human existence, what is meant by authenticity and how it is achieved”, argues King on this project, the third chapter of the series Stories for a vast minority, in collaboration with Beers 1906, in the Meadow converse, and create with artists of different disciplines. After giving way to a poem from a recipe by chef Diego Guerrero, and put lyrics to a song from the flamenco of Diego Amador and the trio of hip-hop Big Menu, Prado has been launched into the writing of the script of this piece was shot in the Boat in O Grove, a place “with own power”, as described by King. A space, which evokes the style of the beach kiosks of California in the 1970s, where you have touched the biggest bands in the indie and rock Spanish, Iván Ferreiro to Kiko Veneno.

Craftsmanship and innovation

There was presented the short film the 30 of October in an event to be intimate in that they both had the opportunity to exchange ideas and extend the conversation begun on the big screen. They spoke of that party craft that involves the entire artistic proposal. “The creative process of every kind, that is worth to make an interpretation, a story, a poem, a film, a plate or a beer, it has to do with the craft, it has a relationship with the technique, but also with the affection, it has to do with the tradition, but it has a lot to do with the innovation and I feel very comfortable in this territory”, explained in the presentation, the actor of 39 years, the protagonist of Fariña, television series based on the book of the same name Nacho Carretero, in which he plays a drug dealer Sito Miñanco. He and Prado agree on the importance of innovation. “Maybe it’s not about to take a step forward, but in another direction,” says Prado. Innovate, adds King, is to prove himself. “Because in the end, when you add innovation, trying to get out of your comfort zone, you are confident that your work is going to improve something that you already have”, he explained.

Vast minority is the first foray of a Meadow in the world of dramatic art. “Javier has taught me a little bit to act and I’ve realised how very difficult it is, the amount of work, technique and will behind an interpretation,” confessed the writer sitting at the side of King, who assures them feel fascinated. “One of the most local experiences of this project was to see how Javier was transformed, how he was changing the face, the expression. The one who sat in the chair was a person, the rose, a character,” he said. That character is the one that in the short seeks to a message, which has the certainty that there is a lot of people “in many sites doing exactly the same thing”. But to know where is the message, it is best to dedicate a few minutes to see Vast minority.

beer Tasting during the presentation of the short. Beers 1906


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