The jump in radiation occurred after the fire at Chernobyl

Photo: AP/TASS/Rick Rycroft

it Became known that a major fire in the exclusion zone in Chernobyl caused a rise in radiation. About it writes “UKRINFORM” with reference to acting head of environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine Egor Firsov.

He confirmed that the radiation levels in the Chernobyl exclusion zone increased from 0.14 to advanced level 2.3.

the Fire happened on April 4 near the village of Vladimirovka. According to the expert, the fire covered about 100 hectares. Extinguishing were involved 90 firefighters, as well as two aircraft and a helicopter.

“As it is now often the case, first, someone set fire to the grass, and then the fire spread to the trees,” said Firsov on the causes of the fire.

He added that it plans to incur to increase the penalties for arson in 50-100 times. Now the punishment for this offense is 175 UAH (about 489 rubles).

In the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations reported that as of April 5, the radiation background in Kiev is in the normal range.

Previously, the hangar caught fire in the North-West of Moscow. The fire area of about 300 square meters.

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