The Kalinins case: the mystery of the death of Vice-Admiral George Kholostyakov

Crime 26/02/20 In the photo – Vice Admiral George Singles with soprovojdeno Kalinins: the mystery of the death of Vice-Admiral George Kholostyakov

ina and Gennady Kalinin hunted for great Patriotic war veterans throughout the Soviet Union. That’s why they haven’t been caught. However, when the criminals killed the Vice-Admiral George Kholostyakov, the then General Secretary Yuri Andropov took matters under control, and gangster couple was in jail for three months.


the Husband and wife Kalinin was officially registered residents of the city of Ivanovo, but in fact they lived there long. At the beginning of 1980-ies they were in one of the gangs, the immediate head of which was someone Tarasenko. Under his command, but still enjoy some autonomy, Kalinina moved from one place to another in search of their victims – the veterans.

Criminals found old at the a fairly simple method. They studied the leaderboards that were available in any institution, and sometimes placed directly on the street. Then asked for the address of a veteran at the information Desk and went to him “visit”. To call to a certain location from the owners, the couple was presented to journalists wishing to take the interviewees. Then under the pretext they are distracting the victim and stole her medals. If this could not be done quietly, at the scene remained dead.

The high-profile murder

in the Summer of 1983 bloody couple decided to visit the capital. There they are again through the help Desk found the address of the famous Vice-Admiral Georgi Kholostyakov Holostyakov Kalinina also introduced members of the press. He cordially received them. During the first visit, the criminals simply assessed the situation, and secondly their arrival, they prevented the accidental witness – buddy Holostyakov. So the third time the couple has decided not to stand on ceremony. With a tire iron they dealt with my wife Holostyakov, and then to himself. Kalinina was taken from the house hung the order of the tunic, medal books and crystal vases.

General Secretary Yuri Andropov, after learning about the brutal murder of Vice Admiral, he immediately demanded to solve this case as soon as possible.

the Sentence

the First arrested the head of a criminal gang Tarasenko, who gave of their wards. In the same 1983 Kalinins caught. It turned out that the couple made more than 30 thefts of medals in various cities of the USSR. In addition to these Holostyakov, Gennady Kalinin killed the wife of a priest, in whose house he had hoped to profit by vintage icons. However, nothing more or less valuable Kalinin and his accomplices there did not find. However, as a result of all the crimes committed and the loot distribution Kalinina have accumulated tens of thousands of rubles.

the following after the arrest of the year Gennady Kalinin shot, and his wife Inna imprisoned for 15 years.

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