The Katyn massacre in 1940: what were the questions

History 21/03/20 Katyn massacre in 1940: what were the questions

Today, the widely discussed three main versions of what happened in the Katyn forest in spring 1940. And they never intersect.

the first Version: the tyranny of the Politburo and the “Troika” of the NKVD

This hypothesis is also called the “public political version”. Based on this assumption, in April and may 1940, the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of the USSR adopted the “nepravovoi the decision” about the shooting of Polish prisoners of war officers and soldiers. Secured the Declaration of the high party will their illegal decrees “Spectron of the NKVD.”
According to the official version in the Katyn forest shot over 14.5 thousand captured Polish officers and soldiers, contained three Soviet camps, and more than 7 thousand prisoners-poles from the prisons of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus.
Katyn tragedy was officially declared “one of the grave crimes of Stalinism” under Gorbachev. Subsequently, similar statements were made by Vladimir Putin, as Prime Minister and then President of our country Dmitry Medvedev. Documents from the so-called folder # 1 with evidence of the involvement of the Soviet side to the executions of Polish citizens published on the website of the state archive.

Version two: prisoners shot by the Germans

Before 1990-ies, this version was official and based on the findings of the Commission, created by the representatives of the Soviet Union in 1944 and designed to prove that all the poles shot by the Nazis. Many of the documents of this investigation, as subsequently established by the Chief Military Prosecutor’s office, was deliberately falsified.
a Year earlier, in 1943, the Katyn burial was examined by the German field police in the composition of the international Committee, whose members were representatives controlled by Nazi Germany countries. The study established that all the dead in Katyn forest were shot with padronov, made in Germany. However, in the German report States that these cartridges at the time, in large quantity was exported in Poland and in the USSR. The Nazis were also interviewed local residents, confirming that the Bolsheviks in the spring of 1940 were brought to these places of the poles on the trucks.
the Version about the involvement in mass executions of poles by the Nazis, in particular, practicing members of the Communist party faction in the state Duma of the Russian Federation and some military historians.

third Version: the poles no one was killed

According to this conspiracy hypothesis that has received wide support, mainly in the Internet community, the Polish prisoners of war, the graves of whom were discovered in the Katyn forest, not killed, but died in Soviet camps from disease. Seriously this hypothesis by military historians and researchers on this topic is not perceived due to the lack of any conclusive evidence.
litigation around versions
the European court of justice in April 2012 its decision on the claim of 15 plaintiffs against Russia confirmed that the Katyn tragedy is guilty of the “Soviet secret police”. Accordingly, Russia as the legal successor of the USSR should be held for a war crime is a legal responsibility. Ten of the 15 plaintiffs, the ECHR was awarded to pay 5 thousand euros as compensation of legal costs.
In a legal sense, this decision today is a legal confirmation of execution by the Soviet side in the spring of 1940, war crimes, the Katyn massacre.
Opponents of the document say that it is in conflict with other laws, recorded International and Nuremberg tribunals in 1946 and 1948, which States the opposite: in the Katyn tragedy to blame the Nazis.

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