The Kremlin: the mayor agreed to a stricter regime of self-isolation Putin

According to him, the measures taken are absolutely adequate for combating coronavirus. “They are all in the interests of the people,” he said.

however, Peskov declined to comment on the words of Senator Andrey Klishas, said that the head of the region cannot make such decisions – a prerogative of the Parliament and the President. According to the speaker of the Kremlin, Klishas is not a lawyer and cannot give legal assessment of the decree Sergei Sobyanin.

Peskov said that the question of how will be issued special permits for the movement of capital and who can use them, to clear the rubble. In the Kremlin this information.

Reporters asked Peskov, counted in the government’s economic damage from the regime of total isolation and the termination of thousands of businesses across the country.

Press Secretary of the President replied in the affirmative, however, cite any data, in particular, increased unemployment, declined. Any economic calculations, he said, now are secondary, the main thing is the health of the people.