The Kyrgyz staged a revolt at the airport of Novosibirsk:

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan are unable to fly home from the airport of Novosibirsk. More than 50 people forced to stay in the city after Russia cut off air links with all countries of the world.

In social networks, there have been many complaints about what is happening. So, in the “Incident Novosibirsk” published a report of one of the passengers, writes “MK Novosibirisk”. It was noted that the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, no one “to take away from Russia is not going to, because there are no places in observation, there is no means of disinfection”, as well as tests to determine the presence of coronavirus.

in addition, there is no means testing, as well as protective specjalistow for employees of medical services of the airports. In addition, there are health care workers themselves.

the citizens of Kyrgyzstan are particularly outraged by the fact that the government of their country has received more than $ 200 million from international organizations to combat COVID-19. Also donate money and Kyrgyz entrepreneurs.

However, the main reason for the refusal to accept their citizens abroad in the Republican sit room called the lack of money.

At the airport Tolmachevo Consul of Kyrgyzstan assured the guests that all the elderly and also pregnant women and women with children to arrange overnight accommodation, as well as provide them with hot meals.

However, Kirghiz, who will have to stay in Russia at least until April 30, is still unhappy with this development. Now they are ready to declare a strike. Strike they call “act of desperation”. Some believe that the home they can already deliver the “cargo 200”.

Earlier, a similar situation occurred in the Novosibirsk citizens of Uzbekistan. Many of them had to live in the international terminal about than. Only the intervention of the Consulate of Uzbekistan could resolve the situation. One plane flew to Tashkent and gathered everyone.