Almost half of the patients with coronavirus in Moscow on a ventilator under 40

operational headquarters for the coronavirus dispelled the myth that new infection is dangerous only for the elderly. As reported in the headquarters, at the moment, among those in Moscow confirmed the diagnosis, 33% are people 18 to 34 years. Yet 46% of people aged 35-64 years.

Among those who have disease in severe form (severe lung injury), 45% of people under 60 years, 15% are younger than 40 years. Among those who connected to the ventilator, 64% of patients younger than 60 years. The proportion of patients up to 40 years on a ventilator to 40%.

Indicates that among the total number of cases in Moscow of 5.5 per cent, in which the disease is often asymptomatic, but juveniles remain carriers of the virus.

“These findings are supported by examples of other countries,” – said in the headquarters.

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