Maybe it came on Thursday (25. July 2019) for resolution, who hides under the grasshopper costume. Because in the fifth episode of “The Masked Singer” on ProSieben the next celeb will be unmasked. Which Star must this time take off his mask, you can live in our Live-Ticker of “The Masked Singer” track.

“The Masked Singer”: Who is the grasshopper in the ProSieben-Show?

The third episode of “The Masked Singer” runs on ProSieben, and is still completely unclear who could hide behind the masks. Who is in the costume of the Grasshopper?

The grasshopper comes elegant in tailor-made green pinstripe suit on the stage, wearing extravagant patent leather shoes, Golden gloves, and a cane – a Dandy with very fine manners. To do this, he moves gracefully across the stage. “I’m the master of style,” says the grasshopper, about yourself. Who can appear so distinguished?

grasshopper in “The Masked Singer”: the Perfect shimmer of an insect

the costume of The insect-man, with eight kilograms of weight actually not particularly difficult. It is quite simple, but the parts fit perfectly. The costume designer worked meticulously on the special Style of this elegant insect, the 40 different layers of Airbrush and color have been tried in 250 hours of work and applied to the fine shades of color to add to get to the grasshopper mask.

“The Masked Singer”: the first grasshopper Song “Just a Gigolo” Video

appearance of the Grasshopper in the first Show: “Just a Gigolo” by Louis Prima. Super sung and these really cool Moves. A Singer? An Athlete? To say phew, hard. The Jury varies between Boris Becker and Giovane Elber.

And what the viewers are saying on Twitter? For some, it was immediately clear: “The grasshopper is Peter Fox!”

Others combine against the evidence and come to a very different result: anyone Who puts any amount of value on Style and can sing are proven to be pretty good? Clearly, that’s gotta be…

the evidence of the Grasshopper still puzzles

The evidence is the grasshopper of the price, are very special – but to whom this applies, exactly? The celebrity seems to have an affinity for Tennis, maybe he is even a friend of Boris Becker?

It has any relation to Bayern – or at least a towel for Bayern is as big in the picture. And finally, the allusion to Michael Jackson and his Album is “Thriller”: What is the Jackson-typical white glove on the shoulder of the Grasshopper?

the Second grasshopper Song “Skyfall” on “The Masked Singer”

In his second Performance of the grasshopper “Skyfall” from Adele – sing an easy Song, but the insect-man overcomes him, the sovereign and presented to him in style. It must be a singing professional, speculates the Jury.

there’s a lot of Twitter Users see, such as, for example, this:

Or the grasshopper from “The Masked Singer” but rather a successful athlete?

The notes, which the grasshopper is in the second sequence, reveal little about his true identity: “A life without movement – for me, unthinkable” – that sounds like a athlete. The allusions to Tennis fit, high jump, and the FC Bayern. A man who had already in young years of success – and says of himself that he “can call many awards of my Own”.

+ Very elegant: The grasshopper, in his first appearance in the Show, “The Masked Singer”.© To stay ProSieben/Willi Weber

A celebrity, enjoys it, undetected. “It’s about the voice, not the story,” he says in his perfect costume.

First celebrities exposed – viewers of “The Masked Singer” disappointed

At the Show are yet to already been revealed the two celebrities: In the first episode of the octopus had to take off his mask to reveal Luca Diakovska, the former singer of the “No Angels came”. In the second episode, it caught the butterfly: Susan Sideropoulos.

on The net is a matter of debate whether the two are actually high-profile Stars: “First of all, Lucy from the No Angels, now Susan Sideropoulos – as ProSieben has hidden somewhere, only the very big Stars in the Show. Not. #Masked singer #the usual suspects #boring“, for example, a User on Twitter. Another writes in the unmasking of the butterfly: “It is Susan Sideropoulus or how you 95% of the German call it: “Huh, who?””

Apparently not a Problem for the creators of the Show, because the past success is sure, “The Masked Singer” continues.

puzzles continues in “The Masked Singer”

Nevertheless, rates of many viewers, who hide behind the masks kcould. Some of the costumes to delight the audience particularly: About: Which celebrity is merely in the astronaut suit? His singing makes appearances regularly goose bumps. Who’s singing so damn good? And who is the Kudu?

And who is this cute little Monster? It moves so awkward with his long arms – you have to simply develop sympathies. And then the angel with his deep, vibrant voice – that could hide behind such a well-known Comedian?

In each Show, a mask must fall and it may cheer everyone, whether it meets personal favorites.


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