The Metropolitan called unacceptable prank with coronavirus in the car

Photo: video screenshot telegram-channel Hue

Capital metro has called unacceptable prank, associated with a coronavirus in the wagon train. This is stated in the microblog “Moscow transport” on Twitter.

“These experiments on passengers is not acceptable and should be punishable. In all such antics will always address in law enforcement bodies”, – emphasized in the subway.

on February 2 in the train, EN route from the metro station “Polezhaevskaya” to “Street of 1905”, the young man fell, mimicking the sudden attack. Accomplices shouted phrase about the presence of his threat of viral infection. A criminal case was initiated under article “Hooliganism”.

Karomatullo of Gaborova sent to jail for two months. Metropolitan police detained two accomplices of prankster.

for the First time about a new form of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus COVID-19, it became known in December 2019. The epicenter of the epidemic was the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province.

According to the latest information, pneumonia is a new-type ill 59,8 thousand people died 1368 people. Cured 5911 people.

Two confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in Russia of citizens of China were found in Zabaykalsky Krai and Tyumen region. Now they have just been discharged from the hospital.

the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova said that the risk of the appearance in Moscow of coronavirus decreased, because it has fallen sharply the number of tourists from China. She added that authorities continue to monitor the situation in hotels and places of residence of tourists from China.

How Muscovites react to the prank on the theme of coronavirus

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