The Mexican on the isolation sent to the store for chips the dog

Photo: social networks

In Mexico, a local resident on isolation sent to the store for chips the dog, reports the portal “Mir 24”.

the Mexican attached to his dog breed Chihuahua money and a note to the collar, which has asked to sell his Pets “a little Cheetos orange”. The owner of the dog warned the seller that the animal could bite him if he tries to hurt him.

the dog’s Owner later admitted that his pet had successfully completed the task and brought him ordered chispy. He noted, however, that pet was a bit timid in the field.

Earlier it was reported that in the capital of Chile by the police was caught by an unusual “intruder” of the curfew. The streets of Santiago in the early morning walking Puma. The animal was spotted in a popular tourist area of Providencia.

In the world are already infected more than 460 thousand people, more than 21 thousand died. Russia was 840 people with coronavirus

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