The number of victims of coronavirus in Britain has exceeded 560

Photo: AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali

In the UK the day the number of victims of coronavirus has increased by 569 people. The total number of infected persons has increased to 2 921 person, which was a national record.

it Also reported that a day in the country the number of people infected with coronavirus has increased by 4.2 thousand people.

Earlier it was reported that COVID-19 were confirmed with the Deputy Minister of health of Britain on issues of patient safety Nadine Dorris. She attended a reception at the residence of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and felt bad the next day.

we Know that Johnson himself last Friday picked up coronavirus. Currently he has mild symptoms of the coronavirus.

According to RIA Novosti, the British Prime Minister can return to normal life for 3 April, but will he make it persistent symptoms is unknown.

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