The price of Brent crude oil fell to a minimum 2002

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita Simonov

the Price of oil of mark Brent fell to the level of March 2002. On it informs “the” with reference to the data of international trading.

the Price of futures for delivery in June 2022 on the London exchange ICE amounted to 21.82 USD per barrel. The last figure was a negative trend in value of 12.47 percent.

Significant fluctuations in the oil market started after the meeting of OPEC+ are unable to reach a unanimous decision concerning reduction of volumes of extraction of natural resources.

refused the deal Russia and Kazakhstan, after which oil prices collapsed by 30 percent and the decline continues.

Earlier it was reported that the price of Russian oil Urals dropped to the level of 16.2 per barrel. This price was last established in June 1999.

the Situation in the oil market plan to discuss in the course of telephone conversations of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald trump.

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